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Upgrading My Bag Collection With A Nickel Tote By DEKORA


Upgrading My Bag Collection With A Nickel Tote By DEKORA
Look at that beauty!!! Just look at it! A few days before I moved to Denmark, I paid my favourite independent boutique, wait, I meant concept store a visit. And just as I was going through their jewellery section trying to make up my mind regarding the bangles I wanted to get ? a certain Nickel object caught my sight.Yep, that absolutely gorgeous Nickel ToteAnd while most fashionistas /stereotypically/ obsessed over particular things ? some over bags, others over shoes ? me? – I?ve never really been obsessed over either. And when it comes to bags, I?d rather have a few OUTSTANDING pieces rather than dozens of ordinary ones to stay and gather dust in my flat.

Actually, here in Copenhagen, you will hardly ever see someone strolling…I mean cycling around with a bag acquired from a ?chain store?. Here, while ?minimalism? and ?monochrome? are put on a pedestal (hence, showing versatility with regards to colour is regarded as outrageously offensive by the local ‘fashion police’) it?s the accessories that ?speak? about the personality of the wearer and his style. With that said, while getting your basics from a chain store is kind of acceptable ? bags and shades ? should be at all times unique? Especially, if you want to be considered ?Copenhagen-er?  (something, that no one speaks about? but everyone knows, as you know, you just KNOW). So, even though I?m a bit, okay, 10 times darker than the average Dane, and still walking, rather than cycling…(waaaaait a minute – s-c-r-a-t-c-h that! As of yesterday evening I’m a proud owner of a BIKE!!!) at least I now own such an exceptional tote that I’m in no way worried whether I’ll perform well on my new ride! My tote (ECO leather  used for its creation = sustainable fashion = a loud reference to the Denmark way) will be my secret weapon to trick people into thinking that I’m a local no matter how clumsy a cyclist I initially am! Cheers, DEKORA <3

And below you can get a glimpse at what I left the store with. And please notice the phone case! It’s a present from the owner – as well as all the other little goodies! Yep, DEKORAs not a store, it’s an experience. But I’ll be sharing more about it in a few days – so stay tuned to find out more about Emanuala – the owner and creative director behind DEKORA.

And you, which is your favourite bag (or statement piece) at the moment? And what?s your opinion on having a few designer bags rather than tons of chain store ones?
Lots of love and have a lovely weekend,

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