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The Flamingo Is More Than A #Hashtag

flamingo3I really tried, okay? I spent a day in the mountain, where a couple of friends celebrated their birthday. During the day and while the others were sipping ‘rakia’, I hid under the shed and spent some alone time to reflect.
Now that I got back to doing YouTube videos /here/, I felt the urge to plan, plan, plan and scribble down in my notebook every topic I wanted to cover. No more procrastinating and finding excuses, right!? I WAS ON IT! Until I fell asleep on that cute sofa.
It felt good.flamingo1t-shirt by Jake*s (here) or  Missguided Sweatshirt (here) //RALPH LAUREN High Waist shorts (here) // Watch by BOOM WATCHES (here) // ARNE JACOBSEN Design Letters Notebook (here)// Sneaks by REEBOK (here)pinkflamingo-copyThe short nap revived me. I woke up by the sound of the rustling leaves and adorable giggle of some kids, playing ‘Hide and Seek’ around the shed. I found myself in the middle of nowhere totally engulfed in my thoughts. The city girl in me retreated for a while and the dreamer took over for a while.
Did you know that the Flamingo is more than that inflatable #hashtagged prop? The Flamingo as a totem symbolises the time of rebirth…that magical time when you’re craving to cleanse your heart and soul and get rid of all the clutter.
Start with getting rid of your negative thoughts.

antoinettepepelove-copy I went out from the shed only to see Sofia that was in her grandad’s hands. Escaping the noise, the vanity, the stress even for a day gave me a new perspective on life.

There is something  magical about being in tune with your surroundings and yourself. Loving yourself for who you are and embracing your flaws as being yet an essential part of that unique and perfect creation that you are.
It’s a feeling. A feeling of completeness. It’s no longer your good and bad sides. It’s just You.
And it’s inspiring.
Choose the Flamingo.

P.S. To get a notebook like mine by Arne Jacobsen with your letter – visit and get 25% off by using the code BD25 at checkout . The code will be active after 12 AM Friday.  flamingo121

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