Taste Bud Heaven: FoodShop no26

Taste Bud Heaven: FoodShop no26
It took me around a year and a half to finally spill it out ? yep, I?m a foodie.
And being a ?foodie? doesn’t necessarily mean someone who loves the taste ofjunk and processed food. It means someone who enjoys eating TASTY food rather than just anything that crosses his sight just for the sake of filling the belly. And thankfully, I’m lucky enough to enjoy the taste of everything healthy ? greeneries, foods made of ray, oat and all that and actually despise everything salty and processed.
And while at home I would be getting my desserts from vegan shops, munching on raw cakes and sipping green tea, well, with my move to Copenhagen ? my eating habits have also changed. I guess it?s the fact that I?m always cycling (more about my new life – here), walking, or hitting the gym, that my body needs twice as much energy to actually properly function.
So while I?ve been kinda sticking to my vegan diet (at least at home), I?ve been certainly allowing myself much more foods that contain butter and dark chocolate without worry at all… But how could you resist giving the local goodies a go when the moment you leave your flat all that your senses could discern is the smell of freshly melted butter? I guess it?s the organic and unprocessed ingredients most bakeries use, which gives the food such a mouth watering, home-made scent.

Aw, and by the way, what truly impresses me here (among all the other things that have impressed me – to find out more click here), Danish workout all the time and are more happy to visit their local pastry on their way to work. And no ? here having a carrot cake for breakfast is not considered a guilty pleasure. It?s considered a normal breakfast.
Rather than being on strict yo-yo diets, people here are always on the move which gives them the freedom to often (almost every day) indulge in home-made pastries and derive utmost pleasure from the way the dark chocolate chip scone melts in their mouth, without worrying whether they would gain a pound or two. And before you say anything: I said ?home-made? not ? packaged/processed.
And I guess that?s the top secret to leading a ?healthy living’ lifestyle. Do enough sport, swap everything packaged/processed with their home-made alternatives, and, of course, know your limits – which means have A scone, not TEN. Does this saying: ‘everything in excess is opposed to nature’ ring a bell?
Anyway, just as I was doing one of my strolls around the neighbourhood, I spotted a corner ?Kaffee? just right near the river. And then the smell of melted butter cheekily crawled up my nostrils. For a second I was 8 again, playing in my grandparent?s garden.
And do you remember when I shared with you that I?ve turned my local Kaffee into my office (here)? Well? the mystery revealed! I was talking about FoodShop no26, situated right in the heart of Islands Brygge. And while the design of the place is pretty dope as well ? pay attention to its urban and minimalistic feel ? it’s really the marvellous food and friendly service that made me a regular visitor. And the gold medal? Well, it most certainly goes to their dark chocolate chip scone (I honestly thought that scones were a Scottish thing – it turns out they are a Danish thing, as well) that taste like HEAVEN. Also, that?s the place where I first tried + fell in love with the Americano – my latest beverage obsession (here).

Apart from the variety of bread pastries and deserts, FoodShop no26 also offers a full-on house breakfast ? toasts, jam, cheese, pancakes and after 1 PM lunch. You can choose among quite a few healthy options – be it a house salad with goat cheese or a veggie sandwich. And not to mention their divine home-made juices, hot beverages, and home-made jam. Enough said really, apart from FoodShop no26 is a must if you’re to set your foot in Islands Brygge.
See you there x
Which is your favourite food at the moment + food shop?
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