The Perks of Self-Acceptance.

Taking a step to the side.

letters-to-a-black-coat It’s been a rough month and just a week ago I couldn’t even imagine how it was all gonna fall into place. But that’s the thing – when there is a cloud over your head you kinda forget that all you need to do is take a step to the side and let the sunshine spread its rays once again over your life.

Remind yourself that other directions exist and then be bold enough to pick a bumpy road to a hopefully a ‘brighter’ ahead. 

 It’s all about making the choice to liberate yourself from what everyone expects and say ‘HELL YES’ to what the heart narrates.

But for now I’m going for a stroll down Nørrebrogade just to look back and reflect on a journey that’s changed my life to an immeasurable extent…

It’s terrifying – yet comforting.
It’s a new beginning, yet the continuation of a great love story.letters-to-a-black-coat2 JDYNEW BRIGHTON SPRING COAT OTW (here) // VERO MODA LEATHER-LOOK NW PANTS (here) // DIVINE FACTORY BOOTS (here) // SWEATSHIRT BY ASOS (here) //MARBLE MACBOOK SLEEVE (here) // MANGO CATEYE SUNGLASSES (here)letters-to-a-black-coat5But I’ll keep you posted.

So let’s talk soon, okay?


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The Perks of Self-Acceptance.