Thélo Goes Roman Dress


Have you ever wondered what would you look like if you were a drawing? Well, I have and I finally got the chance to say ?Aw, Hello, you!? to my sketched self a couple of days ago.

Last week, the team of Club 365 organised an Easter themed lunch gathering, which was also my farewell party. Once we were all seated C. handed over to me a lovely vintage frame. 
And if you know me (or if you have ever given me a present), you?re probably aware how awkward I get when I receive gifts. I just CANNOT help it ? I blush, I turn my head away, or hide my face behind my palms. It?s cringe to watch I assure you!
And there I was – blushing, giggling and being all awkward and ?cute?. Up to that point, I?d never crossed my mind that I?d like the caricature version of myself ? but how could I not??? After all I’ve been also given a lovely set of boobies. Thank you C.!

The moment I entered my new flat in Copenhagen (hooray, I’m finally here on Danish land), this was one of the first things I took out of my suitcase to shake up the wall with. It’s such a thoughtful gift, charged with all the memories and fun times the crew of ‘365’ and I have cooked together over the last 7 months. It’s been a blast and I will miss them hell of a lot! And if some of you, 365-ers are reading this – you know where to find me for some badass partying! And I’ll leave you with this thoughts before I get all teary and nostalgic.

And you, what’s the last thoughtful present you’ve received?
Lots of love,

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