A Quick Recap.

Situation ‘I Look Like A Hamster’

i-look-like-a-hamsterTwo days ago and very unexpectedly I rebooked my flight to Bulgaria. I got a horrible toothache and there was no way I could be able to look after Sofia-Malou 24/7 and deal with the pain. And the worst of all was that I couldn’t take any pain killers – I’m allergic to most plus breastfeeding.
Sofia and I made it back and went straight to the dentist the moment we landed. I feel better now and the whole winter wonderland situation is without any doubt a mood booster. The only thing that’s missing is Philip, but he couldn’t join us as now is the busiest time for him work-wise. Oh and good news – I finally went back to vlogging again! I’ve actually captured on camera my last few days so if you want to see my hamster looks check out my latest vlog on YouTube (here).

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  • Gabriela

    Dear, the link to the video is not working. I can’t see the video! Love your blog, vlog and your sweet lovely family 🙂 Sofia is so adorable – my favorite baby :))

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