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Ready for a mini getaway after a busy month

letters-to-a-birthday One of the presents I got for my 27th birthday (yep..) was a ‘family vacation’ to Varna. Philip keeps repeating that – he is turning into the stereotype of a ‘daddy’ – which is also kinda cute.letters-to-a-birthday1Georgia Rose Fifillotte (here) or Guess Plasmia 5 (here)  // ASOS Suede Minimal Backpack (here) / White Feather Top (here)

But after a month of doing everything and nothing – meaning running errands, sorting out the moving boxes…without really having enough time to invest in my blog and social media (sorry, for my absence), I’m buzzing to have a few days off from reality. I haven’t been to the Bulgarian seaside for a long time and we’re going exactly there – to Graffit Gallery Hotel Varna (here).graffit-gallery-hotel-copyI’m planning to sunbathe a little, sleep until as late as possible, and go for long walks on the beach with my favourite two. Let’s see what Philip and Sofia think about that. 🙂
I’ll be sharing more about our little holiday once we get there.
And what are your plans for the week?


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Listed In 'The Top 40 Scandinavian Fashion Blogs and Websites on the Web'