letters-to-a-vloggingToday I put together some old footage (here) that would eventually shed a light on the everything that’s taking place right now – you know, Philip, Sofia and I moving and all that.
Philip and I were indeed going through some tough times and now looking back I have to admit that  the signs are there. It was pretty obvious that we were growing apart, talking only about work and spending less and less time together.
I excused that with the fact that were newbie parents still struggling to successfully juggle work and life.
A denial. That’s what it was. I wasn’t ready to admit that there was a lot more to it.
I was crazy excited that Vicky was gonna visit us for a weekend and the girls and I could be together.
Why? Because escaping is easier than facing the truth.
That’s the footage I took around the time Philip and I finally found the courage to speak up and take the biggest decision in our relationship so far.
I’m grateful that we hit rock bottom to then bounce back and reach for the stars!
And one thing’s sure – fear makes everything worse! So don’t waste any time in denial or making excuses. You live one life. And in that life you are granted with a gift that noone can take away from you unless you allow them – the freedom to choose!
It’s entirely up to you to change the ‘now’ and make tomorrow ‘count’.
Part 1: Aunties in Action.


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