3 Things I See Differently Since I Became A Mother

My To-Go-Snack – Healthy Muffins with Apple and Walnuts

letters-to-a-apple-muffins Recently I’ve been living literally on muffins. Yes, but not the overly greasy and sugary ones, but their healthier home-made alternative (I’m talking both savoury and sweet muffins). They’ve become my to-go snack when I have no time to prepare proper lunch or simply when I don’t feel like wasting time in the kitchen during the day, when I can go out with Sofia or just read a book instead.
Quite frankly, it all started out of curiosity whether I would be able to bake something eatable. Turns out – I’m pretty good at it. hehe. Also, despite my tiredness, I’d much rather spend an hour baking (in silence) after everyone has already fallen asleep, so that I can be all by myself  with my thought. It makes me relax – I seriously think I’m losing my mind! Me – baking and staying in silence!?
That’s what happens when you’re totally sleep-deprived and end up doing weird stuff rather than going to bed. And back in the day I though I’d end up being Carrie Bradshaw. Nope. I have turned into a ‘Charlotte’ instead.  letters-to-a-apple-muffins-2So today I’m sharing with you my current favourite recipe inspired by the blog Chelsea’s Messy Apron. You can find the full recipe (here) if you want to give those yummies a try. I have changed bits and pieces  to make it my own and adjust to my taste. Rather than only whole wheat flour I mix it 50/50 with spelt to make them even healthier. Also, I skip the cornstarch, use less sugar and add sweeter apples instead (Granny Smith are too sour, so I go for Pink Lady).  Aw, and finally, I skip the sugary topping and add walnuts to the batter – as nuts are the perfect snack for the breastfeeding mommies.  I normally eat them with a little bit of butter and blueberries on the side. letters-to-a-muffins-with-apple
I hope you enjoy!


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