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My New Vlogging Device: Samsung NX mini

samsun_nx_miniMy New Vlogging Device: Samsung NX mini
A quick update guys. A few days ago my new vlogging camera arrived! My lovely E. introduced me to that little bijou: Samsung NX mini perfectly suitable for selfies and vlogging thanks for its its flipup – touch display and pretty wide lens (9mm and 9-27mm) that allows you to get more of the surroundings within the frame. Aw, and P.S. when you’re taking a selfie, you have the option to let the camera apply an automatic (blur) filte,r which means ‘Bye Bye blemishes’. It’s pretty cool that little thing I assure you.vloggersBut now we’re not talking about the camera itself as much as about the fact that I have no excuse, whatsoever, to keep postponing vlogging. Actually, as we’re speaking I’m waiting for my first video to export so stay tuned for that! Also, a few weeks ago E. and I shot our first vlog together and the footage is already up and living on her amazing beauty channel: Make Up But How.
So if you’re curious to see what we were up to – go and check out the video. Aw, and by the way – we do speak Bulgarian quite often in this video, so just pretend you get what we’re saying okay?
Also, make sure to send me any video requests you might have through any of my social media channels or in the comments below.

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