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My Face Essentials For The Beach

letters-to-a-beach-essentialsI skipped sunbathing last year, too afraid to expose my bump to the sun. I guess it was exactly when Sofia-Malou was still in my belly that it hit me that spending too much time in the sun wasn’t at all healthy for  the skin (and my little one). It’s common sense, but I needed to have someone else to care about to actually stop spending hours under the sun.
Also, I have a blemish-prone skin, which means that every time I squeeze a spot, it’s very likely that a dark spot will appear in its place. If you have the same problem, you are probably aware that sun can only worsen the situation. Exactly because of that I’ve begun applying sun protect and make up with SPF every single day – especially now that its 30 C outside. Aw, and let’s not forget – the closer you get to that 30th birthday milestone, the more you realize the you need to take care of your skin and respect it if you want it to look great in a few decades time.  hehe.

My current favourite sun protect is Dr. Spiller’s Aloe Vera Sun Protect  € 27,55 (here). I’ve been using their Aloe Vera mask and I was so impressed that I just had to give their sun protect a go. And even though its with 30 SPF, it doesn’t go white when you apply it and gives your skin the needed moisture.
I also bring with me an CCC by Gosh € 14, 75 (here). You probably wonder why… and the answer is – because of the blemishes I have. I apply conceal over the problematic areas every now and then. This little trick helps a lot in protecting the blemish from getting darker than they already are.
I also take with me my Maybelline Baby Lips Mint €4,79 (here) as the sun dries the lips quite a lot, as  well as two of my all time favourite my beauty essentials by  Clarins – their Hydra Essential Silky Creme €36,00 (here) and Clarins Eye Contour Gel €37,20 (here) to apply after hitting the shower. My skin is very dry, so I can’t stand walking around without a rich layer of moisturiser to make it feel and look dewy.  I highly recommend their eye contour gel as its very refreshing for the summer and also deals with the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes (works great for mommies or party animals that sleep way too little when on holiday :).  Then I apply my all time favourite Channel Vitalumière Compact Doucer SPF 10 €56,50 (here) to make my skin look flawless. I don’t really use foundation when I’m on a holiday. I prefer to use as little make-up as possible and let my skin breathe when I’m out in the heat.
Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (here) are the last face essential I take with me to the beach – I’m in love with the pinky shade of the glasses as well as their minimalistic frame.  I got them on sale from and if you you feel like treating yourself with a new pair of glasses – go check out the great deals they have. letters-to-a-beach-essentials2And what are you face essentials for the beach?

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