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Making of MoG SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA Photoshoot

Making of MoG SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA Photoshoot

Hey peeps!
As I promised, I?m giving you a sneak peek behind the scenes of the photoshoot MoG and I jointly organized to showcase the latest MoG SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA.

I haven’t really spoken about that in detail until now, but I think it’s time to reveal more about the project MakeOneGood and I have been working over the last few months. MakeOneGood is a London-based brand that produces DOPE (and unisex) all-over print t-shirts, that bring together two different designs into one perfect whole.

As you know how much of a ?monochrome? fan I am, we decided to create a black & white collection inspired by the duality of human nature and life that fights the stereotypes our society perpetuates. Through our SS15 collection, we wanna inspire you to embrace all that you are, no matter what your gender, race, or ethnicity might be.
Yes, boys, it?s okay to be sensitive and shed the occasional tear. And you, girls ? it?s okay to despise cooking and be an adrenaline junkie. We no longer live in 1940’s and judging people based on some stereotypical ideas of what girls and boys should be or obeying to them, afraid not to be condemned by your peers, is kinda old-school, don’t you think? 
Similarly, in love, while there might be moments of lust and desire, there might as well be moments of tenderness and compassion. 
But enough for now as you’ll have the chance to read more about our concept when the official photoshoot is out. Now I hope you enjoy our behind-the-scene photos taken at ‘Earth and People Hotel‘, whose lovely manager kindly gave us the right to use one of their cosy suites. 
Yes, M. it was difficult doing V.’s make-up with a view like that – I totally get it! 
Which is why I had to ask our lovely male model to hide somewhere for a little while. 
And guess what he was doing? 
Yes! Precisely that! 

So, that we can get…
or actually take advantage of this… for a cheeky #selfie...
And another one in the mirror! Work it, Boris! 
Okay, enough’s enough. Now back to the set. Or no – back to the #selfies. Now it’s V.’s turn and B. ‘s kinda bored by that point. Or he’s just ready to rip his shirt off! Who knows!? 

Sorry V. Photo Bomb! Yes, that’s me taking a photo of V. snapping a #selfie. 
And while we were so busy working on the behind-the-scenes photos, Boris was getting his make-up done.
Aw, look at him. Cutie, eh?
Hair time, ops, I mean champagne and bonding time, as the photos that were yet to follow defo required some alcohol, not gonna lie.  
‘You want some?’.. V. politely asked.
‘And what about my abs?’ B. snapped back with a cheeky smirk on his face. 
GIVE US A LIKE! WE’RE WORKING WAY TOO HARD (chatting about our gorgeous female model). 
Everyone doin’ their thing. 


After a long day of shooting – we were all happy to say ‘It’s a wrap guys’ a bit dizzy from all the  champagne we had.
I hope you enjoyed that post guys and stay tuned for the release of the official photoshoot of MoG SS15 Monochrome Collection by LTA.
Lots of love,

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