Dear You,
Yes, you, who have been just right beside me since the very beginning of my blogging journey, Merry Christmas! I just realised that on this day last year I had no clue who you were and frankly neither did you. We were two complete strangers both engaged in doing our own separate thing.

Yes, back then, I was still full-time employed, drafting project with the secret dream of becoming a blogger, and you? Well, how could I know, right?

It was the day before Christmas Eve when my girlfriends came over to mine to celebrate the day. We wanted to establish a tradition of having Christmas themed meals together (from then onwards) and creating wish-list that were supposed to stay locked in a cupboard up until the following Christmas. However, the little lists I’m talking about were anything but ordinary. Rather than writing down vague wishes, we had to be very specific and scribble down the things that we craved to take place over the course of the following 365 days as if they had already happened. So rather than writing down ? I want to become a blogger? I?d write ?I?m a lifestyle blogger?.  Aw, and the more precise the ?wish? the better! /A quick tip: Scratch the phrase ?I want to be successful? and elaborate in what ways you want to be successful/. It?s all about acknowleding and admitting IN FRONT OF YOURSELF what your deepest and most intimate wishes really are!

A few days ago it was precisely 365 days since the girls and I crafted our Christmas wish-lists. And there we were together again, having an early and quite unconventional Christmas dinner at a new Japanese restaurant Downtown. We were all buzzing to find out what our wishes used to be and whether any of them have come true. Let me tell you something, I?m not the most famous or successful blogger (as I?d neatly scribbled down), however, I?m a blogger, and I had gotten the chance to meet you.

You?re probably curious why I?m telling you that and distracting you from the family time you?re supposed to be spending right now. Well, without further ado, could you please stop for a second with whatever you?re currently doing.
Take a piece of paper (or visualise one).
Now do what the girls and I did an year ago.
Close your eyes. Imagine you?re a magician. If you had a magic wand what would you do with it? Think Big! Dream Big!
Yes, you?re getting closer and closer ? could you now see your dreams a bit more clearly? You can do better than that! Voice it in your mind. Visualise the dream as if it has already come true, up until it all feels so real that your heart now jumps with joy!

You want to be promoted? You want to find the love of your life? You crave to move to another  to another country?

Christmas is indeed a magical day. But magical not because you?d find Harry Potter?s magical wand under the Christmas tree. Magical because it?s our greatest excuse; an excuse to give a card and convey some beautiful and well-thought wishes to everyone around.
Magical because we?re given the freedom to charge a little piece of paper with your positive energy and then gift it to the ones we love.
However, while being more than inspired to come up with some marvellous wishes for the ones we love, we somehow end up forgetting to give some thought to what ‘WE’ actually want.
Yes, Christmas is indeed the most whimsical time of the year, precisely because it gives you the incentive to utter out loud what your boldest dreams are! You have 24 hours to finally admit to yourself what you were previously scared to even consider. But just think about it, when you?re celebrating Christmas at the age of 72, what excuse would you make for not fulfilling your dreams? For not being courageous enough to invest all of your energy in making them come true?
Now, write them all down. (Or do so mentally).
Then start believing in yourself.
Be ready to act and be at all times persistent and patient.
Be ready to regard the obstacles that you face along your exciting journey as the challenges that would make winning the final battle much more satisfying and sweet.
You?re the master of your life. And your life will be precisely what you make out of it. It?s the masterpiece that you incessantly mould. Mould it while the material is still soft, as once it hardens it would be much more difficult to alter its shape.
I got the chance to know YOU because an year ago I was utterly unhappy, however, more than willing to change my miserable life. I know YOU because I had the guts to admit in front of myself what I truly yearned for. Because I was all in to take my chances, quit my job, and make my biggest dream come true. I felt the urge to turn my life around, make it with a loud bang, and change its course completely.
And you? You?re my biggest reward for what I?ve been doing over the last 10 months. Knowing you, communicating with you it?s what brightens up my day. I?d like to thank you for being part of my life changing journey that lit the spark in my heart and returned the smile to my face.
Today my wish is to give you the primary nudge towards speaking out your biggest dreams. And, please remember, noone will live your life instead of you, so why are you worried that someone would laugh at you for having such grandiose plans? You life is the sculpture that would be crafted by your precious and talanted hands.
Start today. And when you raise the glasses to say Happy Christams to your loved ones ? remember ? there?s a specific reason you received this letter today. A reason that could quickly turn into your driving force for a change. A change that will ultimately trigger the thing that we all secretely yearn for: being truly happy.
Cheers to that and Merry Christmas!

Below the first present I got from Secret Santa a.k.a V. :))) Will be sharing with you all the other things I got when I finally unwrap them <3 

And you what you got for Christmas? Have you already voiced your dreams out loud?

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