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‘Loving Tan’ – You Sure Are!

I missed my tan! I haven’t sunbathed or visited the tanning booth for before I got pregnant. To be honest back in the day I was a little bit obsessed with tanning, which, I KNOW, is sooo not good for you. But it wasn’t until I had Sofia in my belly that I actually decided that enough was enough and visiting the tanning booth was left to rot away in the past. Now, not only have I gotten used to my pale looks, but also I have no intention of sacrificing the quality of milk by visiting the tanning booth. A myth or not I would rather stay away from it especially as I plan to breastfeed for a little bit longer.
And then I heard about LOVING TAN! THANK YOUUUU MakeUpButHow! She suggested that I tried their fake-tanning products asletters-to-a-loving-tan3 they were designed to also work for olive-skinned girls! This was actually my biggest concern. When I was living in England I tried a few different tanning mousses, but my skin always ended up almost dirty looking and overly patchy. Oh, I didn’t like that. So now geared with Loving Tan, I can say hi to my tanned self again! Plus, their products are DHA, Paraben, Aerosol and Ethanol Free, which made me even more intrigued! I got the Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in Dark ($34.95) as well as their Bronze Shimmer in Dark ($32.95) to use every time I need a quick fix.letters-to-a-loving-tan3Very important! If you are in for giving Loving Tan‘s products a go – make sure to exfoliate your skill well and apply moisturiser on your driest areas before using the tan, which would  ensure that your skin gets evenly tanned after the tan develops. Actually MakeUpButHow got the 2-Hour Express Mousse, which develops with 4 hours more quickly than the version I have – great for everyone who is not patient enough to wait. hehe
Aw, and very important. Unless you’re incredibly flexible, you would probably struggle to apply the tan evenly on your back. To skip that part of asking your bae to help you out with your tanning endeavour – treat yourself with their  Easy To Reach Back Applicator ($24.95) that I totally forget about. Mommy brain!

P.S. If you are opting for any of their mouses, you can also get a free applicator mitt by using the code ‘letterstoa’ at checkout. 🙂

When have you last used self-tanning products? Were you satisfied with the final result?

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