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Hey peeps!
I haven’t shared this with you, but over the summer I came up with the brilliant idea to get some cheeky sun-kissed highlights in my hair to be in tune with the cheery summer mood. And my hair would have happily embraced that idea if it wasn’t for my ‘versatility‘ and constant crave for change. ‘Say what, A?’
Well, let me throw some light on that. For less than 3 years I’ve dyed my hair in pretty much every colour you’ve ever imagined rocking – blond, dark brown, almond brown, red… then black (in desperate attempts to get rid of the red hues) and then ashy blond again…. etc, etc. Of course, in the process of doing so I never ceased backcombing my hair and using my straighteners every single day! So, by the point I decided to get yet another set of highlights, my hair was already fragile enough. I did overestimate it by thinking that it would be able to handle the bleach. Only it didn’t, which I realised a few hours after leaving the salon. My hair was breaking off so badly – it was a total nightmare. Especially when it was wet – it would turn into chewing gum, I’m telling you.
My hair was all fed up with my never-ending experiments and I had to finally come into terms with that and do some bad a** changes in the way I treated it if I was to ever get a beautifully looking hair again. Below you can read the things I’ve been doing in order to nourish my hair and help it grow out stronger and healthier.

1. Find the products for dry and damaged hair that work FOR YOU! 
I gave a lot of products a go until I finally found the ones which really made some difference to the way my hair looks and feels. And by saying difference, I DO NOT mean that they somehow magically brought back the strong natural hair I used to have ages ago. However, they do make it smoother and softer, while giving it enough flexibility to start breaking off less.

My top TOP hair product for damaged hair is certainly Philip Kingsley’s Magical Elasticizer (£16.00). I got it thanks to RosyChicc who recommended it to me when she heard about my hair troubles. Actually, it turns out that Philip Kingsley invented it for Audrey Hepburn (and for those of you who know me – you know how much of a fan I am of her) so that her hair would look nice, nourished, bouncy and full on set without ever turning flat. And that’s the thing about the PK’s Elasticizer – you apply it on wet hair prior to shampooing and let it rest and do its job for around 20 minutes. This means that you don’t have to use any aggressive conditioner after shampooing, which stands as the main reason behind the flat-looking hair. And why the name ‘Elasticizer’? Because it gives the damaged hair some of the ‘elasticity’ it lacks and leads to breakage. I’ve certainly noticed massive difference since I started using the product and I’ve been doing so twice a month over the last 4 months. I do strongly recommend it for overly dry and damaged hair.
Another product, I’ve been using recently is the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil   (£13.45). I actually started applying it as a substitute for my all time favourite Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (£5.15), as I noticed that my hair has grown used to it. Both of the products do wonderful job in nourishing the hair, leaving it soft and glowing, and never greasy.
Last by not least, before I blow dry my hair, I’d apply some of my Renpure Organics Argan Oil Silky Smooth Blow Out Creme (£3.99), a product I got when I was in NYC. It’s so inexpensive and yet a great hair protection tool! If you can lay your hands on it – do! You won’t regret it!
And if you don’t wanna spend much money on hair products, then you can always opt for 100% raw organic oilsavocado and argan certainly the best options when it comes to damaged hair.
Also, why not try out this simple DIY hair mask? I’ve been ‘cooking’ it once a month for my pampering Sunday sesh. All you need is: an egg yolk, a tbsp. olive oil (you can also add some avocado or any other organic nourishing oil), 3 tbsp. Greek yoghurt and 1 tbsp honey. Mix the ingredients will and apply evenly the potion on dry hair and let it rest around 2 hours. The final result is mind-boggling!
2. Less Heat 
I know! I know. I also love my hair perfectly straightened…  However, no matter the type of hair products you decide to invest in, no ‘creme’ will rejuvenate your hair if you don’t introduce some bigger and wiser changes to the way you treat your hair. For example, why not let it air dry as often as possible? In order to do so, I’ve been washing my hair mostly in the evenings rather than in the mornings so that I could actually give it a chance to dry by itself. Also, whenever I want to have perfectly straightened hair – I’d opt for a blow-dry rather than reach out for my straighteners, which use the natural moisture of your hair to shape it.
Today, washing my hair around 5 times a week is all in the past. I’ve been washing it up to two times a week, and when possible visiting the local salon to get a blow-dry. Why? When I get a professional blow-dry I tend to treat my hair less at home as it stays cleaner for longer and requires fewer washes a week.3. Find Alternative Hairstyles 
To ensure that I don’t use straighteners as often as I used to – today I’d go for a bit messier and more casual hairstyle (yes, you have to learn to embrace your natural beauty!) which means thumbs up for everything messy – be it buns, half-up buns, ponytails etc. Just let your imagination run wild, okay?
4. Leave behind the hair-dye!
I did, which means you can do so, too. It will be difficult and pretty annoying at first,  seeing your darker roots at first, but soon enough it will seem as if you have ombre (especially if the reason behind your damaged hair is bleaching). And believe me, while you will be quite conscious of your roots, most people would think that you’re just trying out a new and trendy hairstyle. So don’t worry. It’s all in your head and if you ask me – try to stay confident and accept the situation by being as creative as possible. For example, why not get some cool head bands and go preppy ‘Blair Waldorf’ kind of hair all the way? Be patient as the effort you’re making right now will ultimately pay off with a brand new healthy and glowing hair!
5. Thumbs up for the regular trims!
I literally cannot wait to have yet again long and strong natural hair! Up until then, however, I have to get my hair regularly cut to ensure that I get rid of its dead ends. There is certainly no point having long hair, if its ends will be shapelessly handing down. It’s much better (and certainly more eye-pleasing) getting a shorter and chic haircut, rather strolling around with a frizzy looking hair, right?
Also, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that the more often you cut your hair, the faster it will grow out.
#Nuffsaid really!P.S. As I’ve mentioned on a multiple occasions before – it’s not only what you do on the outside when it comes to your hair & skinHere you can read more about the foods and vitamins your body needs in order to have great and health hair & skin.
And ultimately – if you want your hair to love you – you should treat it with respect. I started doing so and I cannot be happier with the results today!
Feel free to share any advice for how to deal with an overly dry and damaged hair.
Lots of love,

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