Hey hey! Recently I attended a couple of events, but unfortunately I never got the chance to share a bit more about them with you. Today, however, I thought I could use them as a case in point in giving you a few tips on how to reinforce your image of an inspiring fashionista.
I?d like to start off with the question: Do you consider yourself a TrendFollower or a TrendSetter?And don?t worry, there is no correct answer.

The other day as I was walking Downtown I kept on stumbling upon girls and boys who were wearing literally identical outfits. Don?t get me wrong, they did look great, however, there was nothing signature or unique to their look. It felt as if Zara and H&M?s in-store mannequins have been brought to life and went for a quick stroll around the city.
1. Find Perpetual Inspiration: Even the most renowned celebrity fashionistas look out for inspiration. With Pinterest, Instagram and all other social media on board, today it?s very easy finding alternative suggestions for how to wear the items offered by the big chain brands. Just type the #keywords you’re interested in and start exploring online! You?d be surprised how many quirky ways of rocking your plain skater skirt actually exist!
Do I also seek inspiration? Always! I?d even occasionally look at some old Vogue issues to feed my hunger for fashion and find some timeless looks that could give me some suggestions on how to rock something similar myself.

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And just beware! Inspiration is literally everywhere! Just let your eyes notice the beauty that surround you ? be it in the architecture around the city, culture, films, music. Let yourself think ?outside the box? and notice the unnoticeable! Let yourself turn into a fashion artist!
2. Designer vs. Confectionery vs. Thrift Store Clothing? Or how about bit and pieces from them all? If you wanna be a fashionista and most importantly feel like one ? you should learn that laying your hands solely on expensive clothing and dressing yourself from head to toe in Dolce and Gahanna and Armani is not the code to turning into a style icon. It?s actually the ability to select items from the range of stores that exist out there and pull off a look that noone will be able to identically replicate! So, if you look into my wardrobe you?ll notice that I get most of my jeans from Zara, American Eagle Outfitters, and Pull & Bear, as their fits are the ones that suit me the most. However, I?d combine them with a statement top from a small independent boutique and add some vintage accessories from a thrift store. The final look would not only be unique, but would also speak and be definitive of ?ME?. Actually, precisely because I adore shopping from independent boutiques I end up having to give you alternative ideas for how to replicate the outfits of the day that I feature on Letters to Antoinette.
3. Turn Your Creative Mode On And Experiment: If you want to be a TrendSetter you have to be bold enough to mix and match different styles, patterns and colours and get out of your comfort zone! You know, the best outfits I?ve created and for which I?ve been complimented the most are the ones that aren’t particularly trendy this season. That?s the thing ? as long as I feel confident in what I?m wearing, no matter how quirky it might be ? I do get quite a lot of questions regarding my look of the day. So get creative and make sure to rock your outfits with lots of confidence and your biggest smile.

4. Explore! Hitting the shopping centre for some seasonal shopping is an awesome idea! However, getting a signature piece from there ? not so much! When I?m about to attend an event where I wanna show ?what I got? style-wise ? then I hit the small independent boutiques Downtown. Most of my dresses, smart shirts, and signature tops I?ve purchased from independent designers. That?s what I loved the most about NEW YORK ? the bazillion of independent boutiques that you could randomly stumble upon behind each and every corner. I used to spend my afternoons wandering around Soho and digging through the racks of these cute little stores that offered some pretty amazing items! As I?m currently in Bulgaria, it’s a bit more difficult finding independent boutiques as there is certainly a lack of such. That?s
why when I was invited to attend the opening of ?Boutique Room 11? Downtown I
was more than excited to see what this store was all about. 

The girls behind the store ? Nikolett and Essa Tau are young entrepreneurs who had jointly started the business immediately after their graduation! Nikolett?s latest collection’s monochrome and chic, consisting mainly of two-piece outfits, while Essa Tau?s clothes are multi-colour, carrying the spirit of Alexander McQueen’s signature designs! That’s the thing – even though their ways as designers are different – they perfectly complement each other, offering pieces that could please every fashionista’s taste. Also, I was very happy to find out that they are willing to work with other independent designers and support the local fashion scene. Today, they offer coats from other independent designers and MakeOneGood Dope tees. 
A sneak peak at Nikolett’s Monochrome Designes Below: 

MY OUTFIT: Abercrombie & Fitch Jumper With Lace Shoulder Detail (HERE)//ASOS Faux Fur Gilet (HERE)//PRINTED LEGGINGS (HERE) // ASOS Leggings in High Waist with Leather Look Panel Detail (HERE)
And some snaps from Essa Tau’s bold designs

Apart from the amazing clothes, the accessories in store are by Nikolett’s jewellery collection. As I was more than impressed by her designs, you’ll be reading more about them tomorrow in an article that I dedicated to them :).

The cake in line with the event!

5. Use your body shape and facial features to your advantage!

River Island Sheer Panel Bodycon Dress (HERE)
You probably wonder why I was wearing so much make-up at that event, something that I wouldn’t normally do. Actually, prior to the boutique opening, I was invited to model during Svetlana Viznuk?s Make Up Master Class. An interesting fact about Svetlana – she’s a firm supporter of the pencil technique, creating shadows and reshaping the facial features by using pencils created for that particular purpose. While she was working on my make up, she was explaining to her students why she was doing it in that particular way. And you know what – I learned a lot of things about my face that I was previously completely oblivious about! For example, when applying bronzer, you have to do it right in the middle of the zone between your eyebrows and chin! Prior to that day I was indeed structuring my face in a different way and since I started contouring my face in the way she advised me to – I could notice a massive difference in the way my face looks! Also, as I don’t have full lips, Svetlana used darker lip pencil to create a shadow, going a bit out of the line of my lips and filling them in with some pencil inwards. After she added dark lipstick and gloss – my lips become in no time naturally fuller! Finally, I found out that my eyebrows were much longer on the sides and that I had to shorten them so that my eyes would open up. The three simple fact and tricks I learned completely changed the way my face looks today!
And you know, being fashionista means understanding your facial features and body shape so that you’re aware how to work with them!
Do some research. Find out what your face shape is (that?s actually essential in regards to the neck lines you’ll be wearing), find out what eyeshadow style would work best in regards to the shape and colour of your eyes. Learning how to complement the features of your face and body is essential if you want to underline your beauty rather than conceal it! So start researching and experimenting at home, and trust me, following the trends in regards to clothes and make up could sometimes be quite a poor idea. It?s much more sensible and eye pleasing going for something that suits you, rather than something trendy that would turn you into a walking clown.
And Ultimately – HAVE FUN! 
Being a fashionista is a lifestyle, a way of life, and certainly not a chore! If you enjoy every second of it – you’ll be already stepping up your game! 

Now it’s your turn. What’s your top tips and tricks for becoming a successful and inspiring fashionista?


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