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No matter how hard I try I highly doubt I?ll ever turn into a proper cook. Spending hours in the kitchen ? bluntly put ? I consider a waste of time. So, when I stumbled upon this two-ingredient pancake recipe ? I was like ?Hoooraaaay, a healthy and easy-to-prepare breakfast recipe? Give it to me!’

The Dough: All you need is (no, not joking)
A mushy banana 
2 Eggs

Then, mesh up the banana and add the eggs, mix it all well, and your dough is all ready to be cooked. Being a huge fan of spices ? I added a pinch of cinnamon, and then used a tiny bit of coconut oil to season the pan.
I placed the cooked pancakes one above another – going all the way down the American lane, and served them with fresh blueberries and honey. And, honestly, while they’re around 10 times healthier than the regular pancakes, they also taste even better!

These yummies are also a great choice for a post-workout healthy feast ? they will fill you up, without leaving you bloated (more tips for how to deal with the annoying bloating: here).
Aw, and by the way, ever since I gave that recipe a go, I?ve been re-making it almost everyday.
And when you get sick & tired of the blueberries, why not soak the pancakes with my all time favourite apple-cinnamon sauce.
All you need to do is add together in a pan 2 apples, previously peeled  & cut, 2 tbsp of water, 2 tbsp of any natural substitute for sugar (honey, maple, agave syrup),  and a pinch of cinnamon. Cook for around 10 minutes.

I still cannot decide which ones I like better, but I can?t wait to hear your thought on that recipe too.
Have a lovely Friday, and now you know what your Saturday breakfast will be 😛
You can find a few more of my all-time favourite breakfast recipes –  here / here / here .

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