Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out and Blog Your Heart Out

Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out & Blog Your Heart Out
I get asked one question over and over again: How do I manage to stay motivated to incessantly come up with cool and original ideas regarding the blog pictures I take and articles I write ? and do all of that with my office essentially being my flat.
Well? the thing is: I do NOT. That?s right. I just don?t. Not long after I quit my job and launched LTA I had to come to terms with the reality ? working (full-time) from home was just not happening. I?d get so easily distracted from the lack of human presence that I?d turn the music up. But then I?d notice that the shelves are covered with dust.
Cleaning o?clock.
After tidying up (refolding some of my clothes) and thoroughly cleaning the surfaces, I?d take a deep breath and finally decide that it?s time for some badass blogging.
But wait!!!
Shower first!
The quick shower would naturally turn into a 50 minute pamper sesh., which, of course, would then require me to repaint my nails that were ruined from all the cleaning (yes, I just can’t be bothered to wear gloves). And while waiting for my nail polish to fully dry ? at that very blissful moment of chillaxing ? the phone would ring. ?A. shall we go for a coffee. And then we could probably head over to the boutique opening I was telling you about?’
And you know me with my inability to say ?No??
And there I’d be – 5 hours later –  back at home with a glass of wine in hand, without any idea where the day has gone?
So, the thing is, if I ever wanted for my blog to prosper I just had to find a way to get all the blogging done without getting distracted by everything that came my way.  Now you probably gather why I keep on posting photos from coffee shops rather than solely from my flat.
Actually, it was when I first went to NYC that I realised that working far away from your flat does work! The cozy and quite hip coffee shops around Union Square were always packed with writers drafting their books, bloggers preparing their articles, and photographers editing their photos. And the thing is ? every time I joined them it really felt as if I was in an office full of creative people I could potentially talk to. And, honestly, most of the acquaintances I made in NYC were people who spend quite a lot of time on their lap tops at coffee shops. Thankfully, the coffee-shop/work situation in Copenhagen is quite similar to the one in New York. Freelancers are just used to spending their days out rather than at home in their PJs. I guess it?s the whole ?Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Out & Blog Your Heart Out? that helps me see my blog as a full-time job rather than a hobby. The fact that I wake up, immediately jump into the shower, have breakfast, take some photos and leave my flat to go to a place which I regard as my ?office’, creates a certain mindset that enthuses me to get a lot of things done during the time I spend at that particular place. And the best bit ? by doing that I don?t risk turning my flat in an office as if that happens ? I’d find it pretty impossible to just sit on the couch and relax.
And if you ever decide to follow my advice ? make sure to take your business cards with you as being out and about is already a great prerequisite for establishing new work contacts and stumbling upon people within your niche. I?ve met so many people I’ve later on collaborated with thanks to blogging from coffee shops that, honestly, I don?t see myself working full-time from my flat any time soon.
And you?
What?s your number 1 tip for how to stay motivated when working on full-time as a blogger/writer/freelancer?
P.S.You can access my article with tips for how to deal with the blogger’s/ writer’s block ? here.
Also, I’ve been experimenting with snapchat lately. Add me: antoinette.pepe to see snippets of my everyday life.

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