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Details & Oversized Jumpers.

letters_to_antoinette911Details and Oversized Jumpers.
I don’t even remember the last time I was buying jumpers before I moved to Denmark. And here I am now stocking up on oversized jumpers to keep myself warm in those cold winter times.
Who knew that winter here was that harsh?
Well, apparently everyone, but the optimistic me, who thought that winter in Scandinavia meant darker and shorter days rather than minus X degrees. Yeah, yeah … I know.
But while the tight jumpers are really not to my taste, the baggy ones in combination with tight leggings or pants are a definite YES.
So here I’m on my way to my Danish class, going for a monochrome scandi-inspired outfit with an embroidered jumper – just to shake it all a bit. letters_to_antoinette12Millie Mackintosh Faux Leather Pants in Black (here) // Stitch & Pieces Tuck Stitch Poncho (here) // NLY Stiletto Boots (here) // Ralph Lauren Sunglasses (here) //LEOWULFF Bag (here) // Story of Lola Jacket (here)letters_to_antoinette_detailsletters_to_antoinette100letters_to_antoinette101And you – what’s your favourite winter pieces at the moment?

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