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Currently Obsessed with my Fedora Hat

fedora_hatCurrently Obsessed with my Fedora Hat
But, of course, I’ve worn a hat before, but only to the slopes and when on my snowboard. In my mind hats were just not my thing so why would I give them a go? But there I was a day before #CPHFW kicked off, trying to decide how to hide my damaged hair. I hadn’t been to a hair salon for more than four months, as it turns out it’s quite a struggle to find an affordable and good salon here in Copenhagen
And there it was a black Fedora hat (ASOS (here) // Rag and Bone Fedora Hat (here)) luring me to try it. Okay, okay, why not. I stared at my reflection in the mirror and couldn’t believe how much I loved the look. How had I never tried a hat before?
It just hit me: it’s never been the case that I didn’t suit hats. I was just me being way too insecure that a hat on my head would only accentuate on the shape of my face (which I didn’t particularly liked).
So what changed? My face certainly hadn’t?
Well, it’s the way I started seeing myself. The Copenhagen-ers approach to fashion and understanding of beauty has certainly influenced me to wear less make-up, spend less time in front of the mirror, and instead invest my time in more meaningful things like enjoying the sun with my hair up in a bun, and leaning to love my natural self.
And with that I’m not saying that I’m in total peace with what I see in the mirror,  but I’m on the road, which still counts, right?
What about you? Is there a piece of clothing you were scared to try and then surprisingly grown to love?

cphfw3For more information about the clothes above: here

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