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Closing My Job Application Box for ‘The Cloakroom’


Closing My Job Application Box for ‘The Cloakroom’

Okay, after all the rambling (on Snapchat) about the  ?mysterious? job application I?ve been preparing, it?s time that I lifted the curtain and told you more about the way I decided to approach  ?The Cloakroom? ? an online personal shopping service for men. Being versatile and creative, I decided to go down the unconventional road and create something that would reveal more about my personality and the unusual approach I have towards everything I?m passionate about. So, rather than submitting my resume and cover letter only through the standard online system of the company, I decided to drop by ?TheCloakroom?s? office and hand in my job application myself. And to be all in tune with the way the personal shoppers of ?The Cloakroom? built new wardrobes for their clients and beautifully arrange all of the items in branded boxes, I thought ‘Why not put together and hand in a personalized
?LTA? box myself?’

Being such a fan of everything monochrome, I just couldn?t see my box being any other way than  ‘black & white’ and minimalistic (remember the colours of the latest collection ?MakeOneGood? and I created?).
And in case you wonder what I placed in the box…
An ‘ LTA’ mug and a diary, as well as a T-shirt from the latest monochrome collection of ?MakeOneGood?, a few business cards, and, of course, my cover letter and resume neatly folded and placed on the top.
And there I was relayer today, walking through the door of ?The Cloakroom?. Little did I know that rather than into a reception, I’d step directly into the ?The Cloakroom‘s main office. Standard me, really. And I’m pretty sure everyone inside also thought I’d mixed up the address or something.
Anyway, after quickly explaining the case, I left the office grinning, as my quirkiness did quite some smiles.

So, no matter what eventually happens, when you’re applying for a job, be bold to paint a picture of WHO YOU REALLY AREAnd no, I’m not saying a ‘PERFECT’ picture. Rather a realistic one, which is why I went for handwritten and messy tags, and did all the DIY myself. And for the ones who know me – DIY is certainly not my thing. But then I’m aiming for the position of ‘Personal Shopper’ and not a ‘Designer’ – which calls for a bouquet of other skills, which I’ve hopefully managed to present through the way I applied.
So, if you?re currently applying for jobs as well, think about the skills and abilities you truly have and scribble them down on a paper. Then select the ones, which are most applicable for the specific job and exclude the ones you’re not that certain about. Then, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it way easier backing it all up with examples from your work and life experiences, rather than going for the good old  recycled cliches.
You wanna stand out from the crowd? Well, do it your way.. as ‘YOU’ is already unique enough.
Have a lovely evening,

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  • Rhea

    This sounds amazing, such a great and thoughtful touch to a job application!
    Lovely to have found you via #fblchat!


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  • Helen

    Wow this is incredible. If you don’t get this job the the world has truly gone mad. Well done for thinking outside of the box. You’ve certainly given me some ideas.

    Tea in the Tub

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