The Flamingo Is More Than A #Hashtag

flamingo3I really tried, okay? I spent a day in the mountain, where a couple of friends celebrated their birthday. During the day and while the others were sipping ‘rakia’, I hid under the shed and spent some alone time to reflect.
Now that I got back to doing YouTube videos /here/, I felt the urge to plan, plan, plan and scribble down in my notebook every topic I wanted to cover. No more procrastinating and finding excuses, right!? I WAS ON IT! Until I fell asleep on that cute sofa.
It felt good.flamingo1t-shirt by Jake*s (here) or  Missguided Sweatshirt (here) //RALPH LAUREN High Waist shorts (here) // Watch by BOOM WATCHES (here) // ARNE JACOBSEN Design Letters Notebook (here)// Sneaks by REEBOK (here)pinkflamingo-copyThe short nap revived me. I woke up by the sound of the rustling leaves and adorable giggle of some kids, playing ‘Hide and Seek’ around the shed. I found myself in the middle of nowhere totally engulfed in my thoughts. The city girl in me retreated for a while and the dreamer took over for a while.
Did you know that the Flamingo is more than that inflatable #hashtagged prop? The Flamingo as a totem symbolises the time of rebirth…that magical time when you’re craving to cleanse your heart and soul and get rid of all the clutter.
Start with getting rid of your negative thoughts.

antoinettepepelove-copy I went out from the shed only to see Sofia that was in her grandad’s hands. Escaping the noise, the vanity, the stress even for a day gave me a new perspective on life.

There is something  magical about being in tune with your surroundings and yourself. Loving yourself for who you are and embracing your flaws as being yet an essential part of that unique and perfect creation that you are.
It’s a feeling. A feeling of completeness. It’s no longer your good and bad sides. It’s just You.
And it’s inspiring.
Choose the Flamingo.

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My Sofia Apartment Tour

And here it is – our dream flat. Philip and I moved in last week and now we are already fully settled in and we love it! The location, the interior and most importantly the blissful feeling it gives us. I haven’t felt so motivated and inspired for a long loooooong  time! Is it the French windows or just the fact that it’s again only the 3 of us? I don’t know. But it feels right.letters-to-a-apartamentapartament-tourapartament Sofia is also a fan. Crawling around and exploring all the corner – she is restless and cheekily smiling most of the time. Maybe after all we did make the right decision and changing the scenery is indeed a helpful and some times needed tool for a grander change.letters-to-a-apartament1apartment-tour If you wanna see more of our flat click on the video below,


brunchExactly two years ago today Philip and I locked eyes for the first time! Look at us now! All happily ever after and him putting Gordon Ramsey in his pocket with the perfect scrambled eggs! Have  I ever told you how we met?
At a bar! No Tinder, no Happen! Very old-school, eh? Eli, who was visiting me at that time, and I went out to have dinner at Fishmarket the day before she left. And after sharing a bottle of Rosé we spontaneously decided to go to a bar. She was hardly impressed by the attitude of the bartenders who didn’t even look at us when handing us the drinks. And just like that we ended up at another place where it was literally  us (It was Wednesday!?) and a few boys a standing a few meters away from us at the bar. And there he was – that gorgeous Danish blondy  grinning at me and raising his glass to say ‘Cheers’, meanwhile sending us a few drinks. Finally good manners, eh Eli? 🙂 hehe
I liked him. He seemed so easy-going and somehow familiar when we spoke. I guess it’s true that when you meet the One you just get that bizarre feeling…as if you’ve known each other forever.
In an hour Eli and I left, and quite frankly, I knew that won’t be our last meeting. He used my blog to get to know me and well, it worked. Both ways.
He found out that there was more to that petite girl with berry lipstick on… and I got the chance to get to know him too.
Our first date took place in a week or so… and guess what? We moved in together exactly 2 weeks after that date.
When something is supposed to happen – it will happen. Just open your heart…and your eyes for everything wonderful that’s coming your way.


letters-to-a1When it comes to my summer wardrobe – give me white, white and more white! But then it’s always nice to shake it all a bit and add some bold accents to the look – bright colour, statement accessory, or a cool pair of shoes.
letters-to-a-mother12CORNELLY TOP BY MISSGUIDED (here) // DRESSY SHORTS BY NOISY MAY (HERE) // SUEDE FRINGE SANDALETTE BY & OTHER STORIES (HERE) // ALTERNATIVE TO MY BAG BY DKNY (HERE) // BABY CLOTHES BY BABYSHOP.DK (HERE)letters-to-a5 To spice up the look I went for a ruffle bralet that is cheekily peeking through my lacy top. The sandals though are THE accent of that summer-fresh look! I got them from & other stories (here) and seriously, if you are after an affordable pair of shoes that give off the Carrie Bradshaw vibe – then  & other stories is your game! And in case you’re wondering where Sofia and I were headed in that crazy warm times – to find a flat!
We achieved our goal for less than two day and next week we are moving to a new place! 
I’m crazy excited for that new chapter and I can’t wait to share some photos once we have settled down.

P.S. Any thoughts on my city-chic summer look?

Instagram Wonderland In A World Where We Still Eat Lemons

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I went through my Instagram page today. The more I scrolled up – the better vibes I got.
Happiness. Sunshine. Summer holidays. Exotic destinations. Your baby’s first smile.
The discrepancy between the real world and what goes up to be hashtag gives me the chills.
You have probably found yourself jealous of someone you follow, of her perfect life.

But the beauty of life lies in not knowing what will cross your path. And the beauty of the Insta Wonderland is that you will mainly stumble upon pink flamingos and love.

Life gave me a bowl of lemons the moment I set foot back home.

It’s been tough to be around my grandfather who has already lost more than 50% of his weight.
… it’s been tough taking my grandmother to the hospital with a broken limb, with  Philip running back and forth so that I can meanwhile breastfeed….It was tough to hear that rather than fully recovered in a few days time she had also broken her arm.
It’s been tough to witness my mom rushing out after a 10-hour workday to go take care of her parents…and my dad doing his best to stay cool and meanwhile support her as much as he can.
It’s been tough for Philip too, who, for the first time in his life, has moved out of Denmark.

It’s been tough to take of Sofia while everyone else was a mess…

It almost felt like I was waiting at Yellow Light to hit Green, somewhere in-between, stuck and almost oblivious to the fact that there is always another way out.

Get out of the car.


Life throws lemons at everyone and you’d hardly find time to mix them sugar and enjoy them as a summer-fresh lemonade.
Eat them raw. Learn to enjoy them. This is how we Grow. The planet rotates and so do our lives. Ups and downs, ultimate happiness, fear, grief, broken… and ultimately new lives.

Life is artificially perfect if you judge it by any blogger’s Insta page. Aw those pastels and heavenly places.

But no matter how perfect everything on Insta might appear – we all go through struggles. We all have our inner demons to fight. But there is always something to remind you that Foucault’s Pendulum always makes it to the other side.

Yesterday Sofia was having a bubble bath. She was holding two of her bathtub toys as trophies up in the air. But there was that little flower still free floating… that she all of a sudden went for it with her mouth. My mom and I caught her right when her mouth kissed the foam and we exchanged a cheeky smile – she just leaned for what she wanted without any understanding that she could drown or get soap in her mouth. Would you ever take the plunge without considering the risks? I doubt it… unless you have nothing to lose. Innocent, brave, naive… and so damn cute.

Exactly those precious situations are my reason to shake off the blues….
For you it might be a kiss from your loved one or the surrounding you nature that reminds you that while you might not be able to always control the situations you stumble upon, it’s entirely up to you to decide what face you are gonna make while chewing on that sour lemon.


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Missguided Top (here)… Watch by Abbott and Mosley (here)…Bag by Leo Wulff (here)…