Pop of positivity

It’s been a crazy period. Wake up, change a diaper, breastfeed, get one ready for the kindergarten, help the other fall asleep.
Get ready for the day; work, breastfeed, diaper, eat something…. – repeat.
I woke up on Monday – next thing I see it’s already 10 o’clock on Sunday.
The time is seriously flying and I’m doing my best to be positive about it.
I want to grow as a person while also be there for my girls.
It’s been pretty tough to achieve the perfect balance, but it’s been also as exciting to go through those hectic times.
Positive attitude goes a long way in every aspect of life.
You need to work for your positive attitude – fake it till you make it.
Wear bright colours; seeks entertaining moments; embrace yourself with positive people; sing to that cheerful song.
I sometimes feel like crying too; I sometimes feel like giving up – but then I remember that my positive attitude has attracted everything I have today.

Bag Like by Furla /here/ from MDL Group
Outfit by MarcCain /here/
Shoes by Reebok


Sporty Retro Vibes.

There’s something about October that I just adore.  The way that the sun’s shining – not too bright, but still bright enough. The way the leaves are falling… but are also hanging onto the trees. The colours, the cosiness, the smell of that freshly baked pumpkin spice cake…
And this autumn my style is all about the sporty retro vibes.
My look of the day is fully inspired by Philip. Loose fitted jeans, casual tee, cool sneaks…and a quilted bum bag. 
Thoughts about my outfit?

Jeans by Stradivarius (here)
Sneaks by Reebok (here)
Tee by Review
Quilted Bum Bag by ASOS (here)
Bvlgari Sunglasses from Leonardo Optics (here)



Plus One

Siena-Philipa was born 09.09.2018. Our second daughter.
It still feels rather surreal that Philip and I are now parents of 2 and are officially adult adults! 🙂 Not that we feel that way judging by our looks! But quite frankly – I do miss my pregnant belly sometimes – weirdly enough – and the cosiness of having Siena snuggled in my belly.
But then I look at her face and I feel so grateful to have her in my arms.

I’m slowly getting back in shape. Mentally. The hormones are occasionally giving me a hard time, but I somehow manage to swish the postpartum depression off of me… I have no time for sadness or inward thinking. I have two daughters to be there for and take care of.

When I feel the postpartum depression tapping me on the shoulder I talk. I talk to Philip, to my mom. There is nothing to be ashamed of. You ARE entitled to those feelings – so get them out there. Talk about your sleep deprivation. Seek support. It’s precisely because Philip now gets the whole being a mother and not getting enough sleep that I can actually enjoy being a mother of two with a small age gap… no matter how tough it might be. He is there for me when I need him and refuses to get into arguments with me. It was a dynamic month and for now we take it one day at a time. And that’s how it’s gonna be for a while.

Kappa Joggers here  

A. xx


Quality time with oneself.

In two months I will be a mother again and while I’m crazy excited to meet my Siena-Philipa, I’m also a little bit anxious. I won’t be able to be all by myself for quite some time… and now whenever I get the chance I  do exactly that – spend quality time with myself. Why?

  • Because my concentration immediately improves and I tend to come up with the most creative ideas when I’m strolling down the streets;
  • I get the chance to actually hear my thoughts and make better decisions without getting distracted by everyone else’s opinions;
  • It helps me appreciate my relationship(s) more + helps me figure out who I want to spend my spare time with – especially now that I will be even busier working from home and taking care of a newborn.

Do you like to spend time all by yourself? Do you find it useful and it what ways?

And just because I’m so into walking right now – I treated myself with a new pair of  Reebok sneaks from Deichmann. Do you like them?


Reebok shoes from Deichmann 
Outfit by Shein
Bag by Leowulff

Toddler Summer Haul

Sofia’s into shopping almost as much as Philip and I. hehe. She is very particular when it comes to choosing her outfits and very often it’s her exactly her who picks what to wear. Our latest shopping was from Okaïdi – actually from their Obaibi collection (here) – and we are loving them! From the quality of the clothes to the versatile designs – they just make the whole kids shopping experience much more fun. And while we chose a few dresses for the summer season, we both have a thing for shorts combined with a cool t-shirt. Just check out that flamingo-watermelon cuteness. 
Those are just a few of the pieces we got and you’ll get the chance to see all the sets when we the weather allows to wear them.  София е също толкова голям фен на шопинга колкото… Филип. хехе Вече сама избира какво да й купим, посочва с пръстче любимите си модели и след това си ги налага пред огледалото.
Преди няколко дни отидохме на летен шопинг и й избрахме  различни тоалети. Аз лично предпочивам комбинацията къси панталонки с т-шърт пред роклите за момиченца, но този път решихме да разнообразим гардероба й с няколко много сладки роклички, подходящи за сезона. Дрешките са от любимия ни магазин Okaïdi – (Obaibi collection) (here) – предлагат страхотни модели, изработени от висококачествени материали. СУПЕР важен момент за мен (и повечето майки), тъй като София не понася лигавници и се налага да пера всичко постоянно и само след няколко часа носене.

Вие готови ли сте с летния шопинг? А кой тоалет ви допада най-много?

До скоро!