Summer Bliss in Afitos, Greece

letters-to-a-afytos3Going to Greece with a baby was a little bit of a challenge – we had our ups and downs, but now looking back, it actually worked out pretty well. We made a routine, so that we could spend some time sunbathing (later on this week I will be posting some tips for taking your baby to the beach), enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kassandria (Greece), and indulge in the delicious Mediterranean cuisine – there is no such thing as enough Kalamari or fried Feta.letters-to-aletters-to-a-romper-copy
I was so excited to be finally able to go on a family vacation and wear some cute summer outfits without having that big baby bump…and rock my brand new rompers. The one I was wearing that day is by REMIX, a brand I’ve only recently discovered, but immediately fell in love with – the fit, materials, and embroideries. If the romper is out of stock as I purchased it almost a month ago you can go to  Missguided and pick an alternative. My summer shoes are, wait for it, Stradivarious (here), watch by Abbott and Mosley  (here)  and bag by Leo Wulff  (here)letters-to-a-afytosWe chose to stay in Blue Bay Hotel, Afitos, a gem situated on the first finger of Chalkidiki. Even though Philip and I were pretty sceptical towards the hotel food, it turns out the best à la carte meal we had was exactly there. Below you can see some of the starters we had and let me tell you – the shrimps were to die for.  Sofia was with us of course, ‘chilling’ in her Bugaboo wagon, and waiting for only one more piece of bread. Yes, our baby is a bread lover and that’s the only way to keep her happy while we are dining. A piece of bread and she is in heaven. Easy peasy-ish. Unless you find yourself at a sushi restaurant. Then you have a problem.letters-to-a-greek-cuisineimg_7110-copyletters-to-a-blue-bay-hotel
Have you already been on a holiday this summer? Tell me more!
A. :))

My Travel Wishlist 2017

Okay… FRENDS headphones (here) are simply AMAZING! The design is to die for and from what I’ve heard the sound is also a killer. frends-headphones

I’m going for their TAYLOR model, and will probably get a few extra caps so that I can swap the rosegold with depending on my outfit. And as the founders of FRENDS say… there is no ‘I’ in FRENDS – how not fall in love with what they do?mahi-duffle-bagI’ve been looking for a travel bag for a long time, but I’ve been struggling to find the right now. Today I stumbled upon MAHI’s Armada Duffle Bag (here) and as my birthday was back in June I’m adding it to my personal travel wish list. I just can’t wait to lay my hands on it, and then take it along with me to make some memories around the world. As MAHI gives you an  option for having your initials on it – I will be definitely having an AJ on it. It’s also big enough to fit some of  Sofia’s belonging, so that I will no longer have to carry two hand

I‘m a little bit sick and tired of carrying  a few cameras with me (that I use for different purposes) when I go travelling. The solution? Getting an Optical camera lens by Sony (here) created for all smartphone users. Very handy …and lighter luggage if you ask me! frends-headphonesbkr-reusable-bottleTo accessorise my outfit even more (yes, because that’s how I’m choosing my items), I will be also ordering a BKR Reusable Bottle (here) to take with me to the gym, when travelling, or just lying on the beach. BKR’s bottles are made of glass, which means – no more plastic bottles for me :).

A travel wallet? YES, please! When I get off of the airplane I end up having all my belongings at the bottom of my bag in a big pile of mess.  So… Ted Baker Travel Organiser (here) is exactly what I need! I will be able to arrange fit my travel essentials in it my headphones, passport, phone in and have an easy access to them every time I need

And what’s on your travel wish list?

Dining out With Our Baby at Ernie Hemingway

Philip and I are laid back parents. We dine out every time we get the chance, and Varna was no exception. We were visiting different restaurants every day, but the one that won our hearts was Ernie Hemingway with a terrace overlooking the sea and pretty marvellous interior.  letters-to-a-dining-out3-copy
That’s us when we we’re out. Philip behind the camera, me having a glass of wine, and Sofia taking a quick nap before she found out that we are out and about…you know, she has that duty to win the hearts of everyone around.letters-to-a-dining-out letters-to-a-dining-out1 We went for the Bulgarian way, splurging on seafood and other tasty bits.. The calamari and salmon tartar were the definite winners! Their texture and taste were divine! letters-to-a-ernie-hemingway-copyAnd that’s Philip with his minty shirt that just went great with the interior. Was that planned I wonder? :)) letters-to-a-summer-philip-copyletters-to-a-dining-out12
At a certain point we swapped places so that I could feed Sofia and Philip could enjoy the marvellous view. Normally, when we dine out Sofia eats with us (enjoying what I’ve previously prepared and as a bonus munching on some bread.. SHE LOVES IT ) so that she feels as part of the crew. This makes her very happy, which gives us some more time  to enjoy ourselves. This time she wasn’t really in the best mood as my laughter interrupted her sleep, but thankfully it was still low season, which meant that the restaurant was half-empty. The service was also exceptional! Our waiter made sure that Sofia-Malou was feeling as comfortable as possible so that we could better enjoy our meal. He even went through the trouble to find us mineral water with low mineralization (basically in Bulgaria you don’t drink tab water and the babies drink only Spring water… in most restaurants, though they offer only mineral water) from Norway without charing us for it.letters-to-a-summer-time letters-to-a-summer-copyMarble Watch by Abbott and Mosley (here)

Do you also take your little one with you when you’re having a meal out?

My Face Essentials For The Beach

letters-to-a-beach-essentialsI skipped sunbathing last year, too afraid to expose my bump to the sun. I guess it was exactly when Sofia-Malou was still in my belly that it hit me that spending too much time in the sun wasn’t at all healthy for  the skin (and my little one). It’s common sense, but I needed to have someone else to care about to actually stop spending hours under the sun.
Also, I have a blemish-prone skin, which means that every time I squeeze a spot, it’s very likely that a dark spot will appear in its place. If you have the same problem, you are probably aware that sun can only worsen the situation. Exactly because of that I’ve begun applying sun protect and make up with SPF every single day – especially now that its 30 C outside. Aw, and let’s not forget – the closer you get to that 30th birthday milestone, the more you realize the you need to take care of your skin and respect it if you want it to look great in a few decades time.  hehe.

My current favourite sun protect is Dr. Spiller’s Aloe Vera Sun Protect  € 27,55 (here). I’ve been using their Aloe Vera mask and I was so impressed that I just had to give their sun protect a go. And even though its with 30 SPF, it doesn’t go white when you apply it and gives your skin the needed moisture.
I also bring with me an CCC by Gosh € 14, 75 (here). You probably wonder why… and the answer is – because of the blemishes I have. I apply conceal over the problematic areas every now and then. This little trick helps a lot in protecting the blemish from getting darker than they already are.
I also take with me my Maybelline Baby Lips Mint €4,79 (here) as the sun dries the lips quite a lot, as  well as two of my all time favourite my beauty essentials by  Clarins – their Hydra Essential Silky Creme €36,00 (here) and Clarins Eye Contour Gel €37,20 (here) to apply after hitting the shower. My skin is very dry, so I can’t stand walking around without a rich layer of moisturiser to make it feel and look dewy.  I highly recommend their eye contour gel as its very refreshing for the summer and also deals with the puffiness and dark circles around the eyes (works great for mommies or party animals that sleep way too little when on holiday :).  Then I apply my all time favourite Channel Vitalumière Compact Doucer SPF 10 €56,50 (here) to make my skin look flawless. I don’t really use foundation when I’m on a holiday. I prefer to use as little make-up as possible and let my skin breathe when I’m out in the heat.
Marc Jacobs Sunglasses (here) are the last face essential I take with me to the beach – I’m in love with the pinky shade of the glasses as well as their minimalistic frame.  I got them on sale from and if you you feel like treating yourself with a new pair of glasses – go check out the great deals they have. letters-to-a-beach-essentials2And what are you face essentials for the beach?

My Postpartum Body

letters-to-a-yogaBefore I got pregnant I thought I was leading a healthy lifestyle. In reality I was eating a low-carbs diet,  exercising a little bit too much and being way too conscious about the foods I was eating.
The thing is – obsessing over what you eat and being a health-freak doesn’t really make you a  healthy living being. But it wasn’t until I conceived that I finally got in terms with that that and began to really care for my body and treat it with respect.
I learned that eating less is far more worse than eating small portions but often. I grasped that exercising a few times a week is enough and there is no need for me to hit the gym every single day.letters-to-a-sport1You can find amazing sportswear at (here) and Misguided (here). I got my Nike’s from their official website (here), in coral, of course – the more aggressive colour my trainers – the better!

When Sofia was 4 weeks old, I felt the urge to get back in shape. Dieting wasn’t an option – I was breastfeeding and my understanding of ‘being healthy’ had also changed a lot.
I had gotten into the habit of eating regularly and didn’t feel like doing cardio sessions all the time. I began doing pilates, yoga, and toning exercises all by myself at home while Sofia-Malou was asleep. Believe it or not – my body responds much better to the toning exercises I do on the matt than to the hard core HIIT cardio workouts I was obsessed with back in my pre-pregnancy days.
My favourite online pilates teacher is Boho Beautiful so make sure to check her out. Now I don’t exercise to be skinny. I exercise to get in tune with my chi and boost my energy that I need to have for when Sofia-Malou wakes up from her nap. If you’re also a newbie mommy, you’re probably also aware of the nasty side effects the sleep deprivation has on your psyche. So rather than beat yourself up over the fact that you have no time for going to the gym or your favourite class – grab a mat, a glass of water, and use the 15 spare minutes you have (while your little one is asleep) for doing some pilates . There is no excuse to giving yourself and your body what it deserves.