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My Carry-On Essentials for a Short Flight

flight_essentialsMy Carry-On Essentials for a Short Flight
Okay, this week has gone by so quickly that it seems pretty surreal that I have actually spent the last few days in Bulgaria with Philip by my side. Crazy!
I had all those plans to vlog, blog, meet up with a lot of my people, party hard etc etc. But lets get real – plans are made only to be broken and for that reason I just went with the flow and did the most I could in that pretty short period of time I was there.
And here I am packing again and ready to head back to Copenhagen. Curious to find out what my carry-on essentials for a short flight are?  flight_essentials1
Samsung NX mini Vlogging Camera 
My vlogging camera has become an extension of my arm. For real! I just can’t make a step without it. And even thought I couldn’t vlog as much as I’d have wanted to, I always have it near me so that I can always document any special moment that could pop up during my travels.
Mango Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer by ‘The Body Shop’  (here)
A must for a neat freak like me coz no matter how many times you wash your hands on an airplane – they still feel dirty. I have fallen in love with the Body Shop’s hand sanitisers that as bonus have divine scent.
Evita Peroni Sunglasses (alternative here)
Not that it’s that sunny at the moment, but in case I get emotional and feel like shedding the occasional tear – that’s when the sunglasses come to save me and my image. hehe.
Pressed Face Powder by ‘The Body Shop’
I’m not that huge of a fan when we talk pressed face powders and yet ever since I got ‘The Body Shop’s’ 3 in 1 pressed face powder I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere for a ‘quick face fix’. Especially when I feel like concealing the traces of fatigue after a flight.
Zephyr Hand Creme by ‘& other Stories’
Honestly, when it comes to hand creams that one is definitely a winner. The secret ingredient – cotton that will get rid of any overly dry and itchy patches and make the hands soft and smooth.
EOS Lip Balm Strawberry (here)
Because my lips beg for hydration when I’m up in the air. And this little cheeky ball makes them all soft & nice.
Kinda important, eh?
Coz even though singing is my enemy, listening to music is my drug. So yeah, no headphones, no travelling around. As simple as that.

Alternative to my Michael Kors Bag: The Cambridge Satchel Company Leather Push Lock Bag in Red (here) // ASOS Suede Saddle Bag With Tassel (here)
And you?
What are your carry-on essentials for a short flight?

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