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‘C’ for ‘Cecilie-Elise’ Splash of Sun Smoothie

‘C’ for ‘Cecilie-Elise’ Splash of Sun Smoothie 
Yesterday evening I went over to Cecilie?s flat for dinner. I actually found out that dinner parties are a ?thing? here in Denmark, which is great news for a sociable person like me who sees ‘dinner’ as the perfect excuse to get together with your mates and have some fun. Plus, going to a dinner party (rather than a party ?party?) is certainly much more sensible idea if you want to spend quality time with someone and get to know them better.
And there I was cycling (and no, my new tote by DEKORA Concept Store didn?t trick anyone into thinking that I was a local. So ultimately you really don?t wanna know how my cycling went ? and if you do – follow me on snapchat: antoinette.pepe to watch my story) and all hyped up to meet up with C. and have my first proper Danish meal.
Well, the moment I stepped into C?s flat, my expectations were affirmed – yep, dinner parties are certainly a ?thing? here. Just check out the perfectly arranged dinner table!

I was so impressed by the way she handled the cooking and everything, that now I?m simply worried whether I?ll be able to step up my ?I?m hardly a cook? game and pull off a dinner party on a Danish level (which is pretty high as you could see) for when I have her at mine.
A note to self: Update my tips & upgrade my skills for how to host a dinner party ASAP!
Before we sat at the table, we spend some time in the kitchen, with me helping, okay, cheekily observing how C.’s talents unfolding in the kitchen. And just as she was cooking the scallops in some coconut oil (yes, everything was prepared in the most organic possible way, which was all in tune with my eating preferences) she took out a jar from the fridge and handed it to me. A welcome drink that was ? what I ended up calling ‘Cecilie-Elise’?s Splash of Sun Smoothie. The juice tasted pretty divine and I just cannot get my head around the fact that I never make smoothies at home. I normally slice my mangoes and pineapples into pieces and eat them from a bowl. Well, not anymore, I assure you. Now I feel more than inspired to start having homemade smoothies for breakfast!

 For that recipe all you need is: 
· 1 Mango, peeled and cut into cubes
· 1/4 fresh Pineapple, peeled and cut
· 1 cup freshly squeezed Orange Juice
· Some ice cubes
· 3-4 Strawberries
Add all the ingredients (apart from the strawberries) into the blender until it all looks smooth and ready to drink. Pour the liquid into a jar and add the strawberries to make the drink look more colourful and pretty (we both concluded that colourful foods always looks better and somehow end up tasting better!).  And that?s the thing ? while the weather here might be gloomy and cloudy a bit too often, waking up your senses with that ?Splash of Sun? Smoothie will be surely brightening up my day.
 Thank you lovely C. for the great idea!
And you? Which is your favourite healthy smoothie to indulge in at breakfast? 

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