I can clearly recall the day when it all came to an end. Or actually, when everything began. I was neatly placing my belongings at a carton box ? okay, it wasn?t that dramatic at all. I was, in fact, euphorically tossing them into an ugly plastic bag. And, anyway, who cared, when I was planning to throw it away the moment I found my way out.

Everyone thought I was crazy to turn my back to my full-time (and what was regarded as a pretty prosperous for a 20 something-year-old) job to pursue a career in blogging. But what could you possibly expect from people who live in a country where the statement ?I?m a full-time blogger? still triggers reactions like ?And by that? you mean??; ?Okay, but apart from your hobby, what do you really do?’... And all of that spiced up with that ?I see?, ?Aw, okay? ?Well??. But that?s where everyone was wrong. I wasn?t picking one career path over another. I was in fact choosing to pursue ?happiness? and having left my creativity and freedom to suffocate for quite some time, confined within the four walls of my office, was anything but that. I craved to travel, indulge in experiences, and give myself some answers. ?Eat, pray, and love? style?

And then it hit me. Why do it ?Eat, Pray and Love? style when it would?ve been much more fun if you joined me on that trip of self-discovery? Yep, you guessed it right ? I called that journey ?Letters to Antoinette?. And similarly to the way ?The theory of everything? is just a theory, when it comes to life ? there is no ?ultimate? answer to the question ‘What’s that thing life all about??

However, there is an answer to one specific question that I remind myself of every single day. The answer to the cheeky ?Why?.

?Why did it happen to me?? ?Why ME??

Rather than wasting energy in trying to come up with an adequate answer, why not try to distant yourself from what might be a very bad situation, and evaluate it objectively? Rather than falling victim to it, try to conceive it as a cue that you are probably not looking at the right place. Life is so unpredictable… so beautiful precisely because of that. A year back I thought I?d be moving to NYC for good ? and here I?m settling down in Copenhagen, a place, which I?d never thought I?d ever visit. The ghost town I used to call it. Even more peculiarly, and opposed to my former expectations, I fell for Copenhagen the moment I set my foot in Denmark. And it?s precisely the ?LTA? journey I embarked on an year and a half ago that opened up my eyes to finally acknowledge that nothing?s black & white. 

So while not sharing personal stories or giving you some fashion & lifestyle tips and tricks,  I’ll be answering your letters: as without your contribution and questions ? LTA would lose its spark. Here, we aim to find answers together, to inspire each other to never give up on our most intimate dreams? And to hopefully all end up seeing the world through the lens of the ‘definite optimist’, who no matter the current situation, deep down inside knows that the future will be better, if he believe in that and acts to make it reality.

Ready to find some answers?