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A Weekend in Brooklyn

A Weekend in Brooklyn 

Hey lovely reader,
A few weeks ago I spoke about the sophistication of NYC and
the simplicity of style, which defined its citizens. Well, it was Saturday
morning and the sun was coming through the roller shades. I opened the window to
give a way to the warm wind to gently brush against my cheeks.
?B., wake up?.
A beautiful day was just opening up and we had to spend it
in laughter, walks, and lovely conversations. Yes, the weekend is the only time
we could actually ?see? each other and I had to ensure not to waste even a
minute of it.

Though excited about what was yet to come, the anxiety
within me, and the attentiveness not to ruin a second, were somehow blocking my
smile. And just like that during the first half of the day my smile never managed to make an appearance. The day wasn?t really turning out the way I thought it
would and ?the perfectionist? within me was quite upset about that.  While on the boat to the Statue of Liberty I
hardly uttered a word. I was just exploring the other passengers mulling over
their stories and thinking, thinking, thinking. Thinking about my next post, and the outfit photos I’d asked B. to take at some point during the day. 

I looked at him to only see that his smile had also disappeared. And it hit me.

I desperately wanted to spend some quality time with him and
yet was doing my best to ruin it by making plans, by pressing him do
something he?s not supposed to understand and enjoy in any way. And just like
that I placed the camera back in my bag and smiled at him. I was done for the
weekend with my incessant strive to attain perfection and the only thing I wanted was to

A friend of B. was visiting NYC and together with him we headed
to ?Brooklyn Bridge?. And as we moved away from the Sophisticated Manhattan
I finally managed to take a deep breath and smile to myself. Though the bridge
was packed with tourists and newlyweds taking their first pictures there – I
felt free. The wind was messing up my hair and I couldn?t have cared less ? we all
were laughing and that was all we needed.



Having liberated myself from the pressure to always follow
the plan, we spent our Sunday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dressed up in
monochrome attire, I was in a stark contrast to the ambiance of
Williamsburg with its quirky street art, vintage Flea Market, and wonderfully
dressed up inhabitants.


We went to ‘Manhattan Inn’ as the boys were craving their Sunday Burgers. We were enjoying our tasty dishes, while being entertained by the whimsical tunes offered by an artist playing the piano… and me? I was munching on my vegan wrap and sipping a Mimosa Cocktail, and completely blown away by a stylish gentlemen dressed up all in white and rocking his perfectly shaped moustache.

Well, lovely, I did start my weekend in my regular monochrome mood, planning, anticipating, and expecting from others. And it took me less than an hour to realise that I wasn’t bothering myself, nor was I doing anything wrong towards myself. It was more towards the people I love, again. And rather than making OOTD photos, we were making memories. And we’ve captured quite a few on the photos you’ve just seen. And to be honest you can still notice that I was wearing (for the first time!!!!) monochrome patterned leggings and well, there was no need for a perfect photo-shoot for you to see that, was there?

So lovely, drop the expectations and start grabbing everything offered by this very moment.
Yes, throw them away as it may turn out that the days you didn’t plan at all were actually the ones you enjoyed the most.

P.S. I’ve banned myself from buying anything black! And the next post you’d read won’t be about the colours of the city, but the new more colourful (and cheerful) me. However, if you are curious where I got my leggings and jacket from – Forever 21.

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