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A. Takes Copenhagen. Chapter 1: Stressed, Yet Impressed

Okay, here I’m – finally blogging from Danish land. It?’s been a week since I officially moved to Copenhagen and it still feels kind of surreal waking up in Scandinavia and actually trying to find my way into the Danish society.


Smocked Chiffon Shorts: Forever 21 / Alternative – High-Waisted Mesh Dolphin Shorts: Forever 21
 Selected Dynella Shirt: Asos / Alternative – Charlotte Long Sleeved Top: Boohoo
Woven Scarf: Nordstrom / Alternative –  Roffe Accessories Colorblock Scarf

And even though I’m not really rushing with the whole sightseeing thing, occupied mostly with buying furnitures for the new flat and applying for job (to read my quirky cover letter click here), well, Copenhagen still managed to impress me. And frankly, despite my moodiness (yes, I’ve been an emotional roller-coaster lately) I have to admit that the ‘Danish way’ has surpassed all my initial and quite skeptical expectations.

1. The concept of beauty revised: I’m used to wearing make-up, not loads, but you know, enough to even out my skin tone and cover a pimple. Since I set foot in Copenhagen I’ve pretty much ceased applying 50% of the things I’d normally put on my face before heading out. Seriously, with everyone going all the way down the ‘nude face’ lane, you just can’t help but feel inadequate if you decide to opt for the bold lip look during the day.

And the hair? Often tucked up in a quirky messy bun. And what just bewilders me a lot? The Danish girls are pretty hot, being all natural looking and toned!

But their ‘beauty’ also comes from the way they handle themselves. You will hardly stumble upon a Dane walking with their chin pointed down. Rather, they opt for the ‘Chin up. Chest out. Walk proud’ attitude.

And while I still have no idea whether it’s their attitude, looks or combination of both, which makes them all look so pretty, what I do certainly know is that I could definitely learn a thing or two from them.

‘Embrace and fall in love with your natural self’ s without any doubt the first.

2. The concept of motherhood – revised: The first day I went for a stroll around Copenhagen, I saw a father playing with his little daughter and teaching her to cycle (yes, even the youngest representatives of the Danish society cycle here!). Little did I know that I will keep on stumbling upon happy dads, who are looking after their little ones, and without a doubt having a blast!

Fatherhood’: what used to be a vague concept now makes perfect sense to me.

3. The concept of healthy living – revised: We all know how much of a ‘workout – healthy living’ holic I am. Without my regular workouts I’m lost. If you take that away from me, or even consider it – no, we will NEVER, like EVER, be friends. Period.

So, ever since I decided to Denmark, I’ve been dead worried that I won’t be able to find a sport centre here that offers good fitness classes. Guess what. Copenhagen proved me wrong.  BIG TIME.

First of all gyms here are opened 24/7. COULD YOU IMAGINE? Also, doing sport here is CHEAP. LIKE VERY FREAKIN’ CHEAP! Joining a Zumba class is cheaper than getting a soft drink from the supermarket. Yes, healthy living is encouraged here. Which doesn’t exclude indulging in tasty danish buns for breakfast. No! It means indulging and then jumping on your bike to get to the office and then enjoy an after-work jog to the nearest gym (and there is one just behind the corner I assure you). So basically by lunchtime the typical Dane would have already burned triple the calories of the cinnamon bun he’s had for breakfast. People here are incredibly active, so if you ever decide to pay Copenhagen a visit – make sure to wear your comfiest shoes cos you won’t be finding a bench to rest on any time soon. And the funniest thing, rush hour concerns the cyclists, not the drivers. Pretty cool, eh?

4.  ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’ And as I was talking about the Danish concept of beauty earlier, I just have to touch upon their obsession with everything monochrome and pastel (remember my outfit inspired by the Danish fashion (here)?. Actually,  he Danish style is ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication’ coming to life. And weirdly, even when they are going head to toe black, you would never regard them as ‘goths’, but rather as Chanel-inspired fashion lovers. Nuff said really. And I honestly have no clue how they do it, but a Danish girl can make a loose shapeless coat + tracking bottoms + Nike Airmax look stylish and cool.

And they somehow manage to do everything with style – even the way they serve their tab water! Pretty cool, eh?

5. Just relax:  Some parts of Copenhagen remind me of New York, which for a person who’s simply in love with Downtown Manhattan – is certainly good news! However, in contrast to New Yorkers who always seem to be running late, people here are much more laid-back and calm. When I went to the gym to get my membership card the gym representative was speaking to a client for AGEEEEES.

And there I was waiting and waiting with noone giving a damn that it was a) a Monday morning and, you know, people are normally in a rush, and b) that I stood there with a huuuuuuge ‘question mark’ on my face. 

Guess what? I had to give in to the Danish way, especially with that situation reoccurring every other day. But I guess that’s one of the reasons why the Danes are regarded as the happiest nation in the world. They just take their time…and when you take your time, you actually have time to notice the beauty of the little things around.

Okay, Copenhagen. You’ve certainly caught my attention. I cannot wait to see what else you have to offer.
And you? Is there a place in the world that you were first sceptical about and then turned out to love.

Lots of love,


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