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500 Followers Jo Malone Giveaway


500 Followers Jo Malone Giveaway 
Hey you lovely reader,

On Sunday I woke up to the amazing news that ?Letters
to Antoinette? has reached 500+ followers on Bloglovin?. If you?ve come across
my introductory post, you probably already know how important initiating this project was for me.

Only two months ago I was at a completely different place, spending
countless hours in an office, struggling to figure out what my life calling was. I was desperately seeking the right path without acknowledging the signs that were constantly popping up around me.

Well, today, only two months after the launch of LTA, I cannot believe how different my life is ?
maintaining a blog that is the main reason behind my smile, living away from home and exploring a city which I’ve never thought I?d ever get the chance to visit. But what matters most is the opportunity blogging gave me to enter a loving online community and meet some amazing people there, whom, otherwise, I would have never met.

As it is quite difficult to express my appreciation for all the support and love you’ve given me, dear reader, I decided to symbolically say ?Thank you? by giving away this
wonderful ?Jo Malone? candle.

I came across the exquisite ‘Sweet Almond & Macaroon’ scent from the brand’s latest collection yesterday while trying to think of
a gift. And while wondering around the streets I got this picture of you preparing a dinner party for your friends and doing your best to complete the atmosphere with some accessories coloured in Earth colours… The only thing that would make the ambience even more ethereal would be a scented candle. And here I was looking around Jo Malone’s Boutique trying to pick the perfect scent for you. When I noticed the delicate aroma of the ?Sweet Almond
& Macaroon? candle I knew it was it. Lightening it up when you want to make your guests feel cosy and at home, or simply when you feel drained and exhausted
and all you need is to cuddle under the duvet and read a lovely
book. Yes, this candle is the perfect item to add up to an amazing evening spent with friends, or to help you relax by embracing you with its whimsical perfume.

Well, I wish you all the luck in winning this little gift and I
hope you keep on enjoying my upcoming posts. And whenever you feel ready to drop me a Letter – I’d be here just at the other side of the screen ready to reply.

Sending you all my love and gratitude.

If you want to enter this giveaway you need to:

Mandatory: (+ 8 entries)

1. You have to follow my blog on Bloglovin here (+4 entries).
2. You have to leave a comment below with your e-mail address (+ 4 entries).

Optional Entries (+ 12):

For additional entries and a higher chance of winning, you can:

1. Follow me on Twitter here (+ 2 entries)
2. Tweet about the Giveaway and tag me in your tweet so that I can see it. You can do this every day. (+ 2 entries)
3. Like this post on Bloglovin. (+ 2 entries)
4. Like my Facebook Page here (+ 2 entries)
5. Follow me on Instagram @Antoinettepepe (+ 2 entries)
6. Follow me on Pinterest here (+ 2 entries)

This Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL and will run from April 15th. till May 16th.

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