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3 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately


skaermbillede-2016-03-09-kl-12-36-213 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately
It’s my free day today and what a better way to spend it than catch up with my Danish studies? Yep, I’ve already started attending Danish lessons, and my enthusiasm has slowly started dying since the moment I realised that my flare for ‘grammar’ (when it comes to languages) won’t matter that much this time. Danish is all about the pronunciation – and for a native Bulgarian speaker that’s pretty bad news. But before I hit Baresso, and dedicate the rest of my day to the holy Danish, I’ll first do something much more fun and share with you 3 of the things I’ve been loving lately.

  1. Jumpers in Light/Silver Grey: Even though I’m really doing my best to purchase pieces in colours outside the monochrome palette.. well, I’m miserably failing as you can see. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a colour that I genuinely like and that also goes well with my olive skin: light/silver grey. While silver jewellery looks tacky on me, tops dyed in silvery grey make my eyes pop, my skin glow and my teeth look whiter. And yes, that’s how powerful colours are. The top I love the most is by Monki (a brand that I discovered when I moved to Copenhagen) and while it’s pretty basic, I really like to combine it with a pair of cigarette jeans and my Chelsea Boots. Another way to make your teeth whiter is to get them whitened professionally by a dentist. Go to if you want to know more.
  2. New Gadget: A few weeks ago I finally got the new iPhone 6s and WOW – the photos it creates! And before you raise an eyebrow wondering why I act so surprised – well, because the last phone I owned was iPhone5 (not even 5S). Ever since I got it – well, my life’s become much easier (and lighter)… I no longer have to  I carry my huge DSLR every time I know I’ll be facing a #foodporn occasion that should be captured. And apart from that… The colour – yep, it’s baby/rose gold candy pink colour works pretty well with my light grey clothes. Coz it’s all about the details, right?
  3. Golden Ring: A present I received from Philip and something that I wear all the time. And even though I’ve always been a ring/bangles person, I’ve never owned a piece that I’d wear morning till dawn… Usually I’d go for oversized pieces that are so statement (and uncomfortable) that wearing them even for a couple of hours requites effort. Well, that’s not the case with that ring, whose meaning (for both me and its ex-owner-yes, a story that you’re yet to read) that transcends any fashion purpose.

And now – let my study sesh begins. Wish me luck! And let me know which are the things you’ve been loving lately.

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  • I still have an iPhone 5. 🙁 I’m hoping to get the rose gold 6 maybe in the new year after I sort out my lease on my flat in February. It’s so pretty!

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