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24th Birthday OOTD: Where Has All the Innocence Gone?

24th Birthday OOTD: Where Has All the Innocence Gone?
A few days ago I was asked when my birthday was. Well, on Monday I thought to myself mulling over my age. Yes, I actually needed a few minutes to recall it… was I turning 25? 23? Ah! 24! Phew!

And it?s so scary thinking about the speed of time. It was literally yesterday when I was throwing a big party to celebrate my 19th birthday! I closed my eyes and they were all there ? my closest friends cheerfully laughing, playfully dancing, finding pleasure in all that we had at this exact and precious moment. And with time rather than enjoying it, it seems that we?ve somewhat stopped paying attention to it. Yes, to the moment. We?ve instead begun awaiting the future way too much, hoping that the best is yet to come ? the dream career, the perfect partner?the picture-perfect house.
The innocence, the pure laughter, the simplicity have
dissolved in a sea of pensiveness and pragmatism. It?s time to realise your goals,
which only a few years ago were nothing but a blithe heavenly dream. It?s time
to act rather than hope; it?s time to get out there and beat the competition.
It?s time to become the winner of this thing called life!
And while fighting for your goals how could you possibly switch off your brain and smile instead? How could you laugh out loud when your mind is way too occupied with thoughts about the ways in which you’ll be repaying your student loans; how could you lightheartedly giggle when you know
that on Monday you have to prepare for the ?biggest meeting of your life??
Yes, with age comes great responsibility ? or so has our society made us believe.
With age the smiles become rather restrained.
The sentences that come out of your mouth ? more appropriate and elaborate.
How could you dare whole-heartedly laugh in front of your clients?
Did you really have the guts to make such a weird and awkward joke during yesterday’s important meeting? Have you really thought that complementing a stranger in the coffee shop is in any ways socially acceptable?


And suddenly, out of nowhere, I noticed something poking my
calf. I snapped back to reality to see a little creature all dressed up in
yellow and blue. A little girl doing her best to get my attention ?Do you want a
candy? You look sad. Ah! And your leggings are weird!? frowning at me. 
Her eyes ? innocent and happy; her smile ? genuine and pure.
Where has this all gone? A lonely tear rolled down my cheek and then I smiled – big time.
It?s time to kiss goodbye my dismal thoughts.

I was turning 24, but who said I had to wipe out of my life the free-spirited and innocent side I was granted with when I was a child. Yes, the ability to goofily laugh without thinking twice…
The ability to enjoy the moment rather than stare at the future.
To be brave enough to embrace it rather than cautiously think about what is yet to come.
Yes, we’ve somehow managed to repress the carefree and honest side of us to let cynicism and bitterness shine through instead.

And I choose to use my birthday as the perfect occasion to let it my untroubled side come out instead!
And now, I reckon you no longer wonder why I’ve chosen such a carefree outfit to rock the streets of New York with exactly on my 24th birthday! 
Yes, I’m celebrating the genuine laughter, the innocence of childhood. I’m celebrating life with all of its faces – rational, cynical, happy, goofy, but in all cases authentic and sincere.  

P.S. In case you wonder – I’m wearing a Bershka skater skirt in pink, a crop top by Stradivarius, ‘Kristina’ Aldo Stilettos in Black, Mojito clutch bag, and Forever 21 bangles.
Be happy! And stay true to yourself. 


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