21 Random Things I Love

21 Random Things I Love 

Hey peeps! How are you all?  I reckon quite a lot of you are currently trying to cure their hangover from last night, which is why today I decided to go for something lighter and share with you 21 random things I love. Also, a Twitter Giveaway is running on my page here. Enjoy and good luck!
1. Throwing things away and clearing spaces: Literally, once a week I?d go through my closet and cupboards and get rid of the things I wouldn’t use anymore. I?ve never been a fan of keeping objects out of sentimental reasons ? if I don’t need them ? I burn them. As simple as that.

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2. New beginnings: Seriously, I?m probably the worst when it comes to routines. I get sick and tried of doing the same thing over and over again or staying for longer than a few months in the same place. So ‘new beginnings’ are what give me hell of a lot of excitement and happiness. Currently, I cannot wait to move to Copenhagen and build a new life there. Well not completely, but you get my point.
3. Sharing food: Yes, I’m the polar opposite of Joey when it comes to sharing food. And this point also implies that I love eating with others. I just don’t get people who enjoy having a meal by themselves, and especially their dinners! Come on – dinner time is always a great excuse for some bad a** socialising. 
4. Working out: Well, yeah, for me it?s never been ‘Am I in the mood for a workout?’ but more like ‘What shall it be today – Zumba, Pilates or Snowboarding?’. 
5. The numbers 3 and 7: Actually I prepared this post yesterday (03.07) – A coincidence? Also, I love doing elementary level maths – you know – playing around with numbers so that 3 and 7 are the final result. For example – 21 things I love – 2+1=3 – got it? Gosh, is this a form of OCD? 
6. Rolling up my sleeves: I just can?t help it. I roll up everything long sleeved, including my Denim Jackets. 
7. Dancing in stilettos: Actually, that’s the only way I can shake some proper moves. When I?m wearing flats ? it?s just not happening I?m telling you – and I feel like a total spaz. 
8. Astrology: Yeah yeah, I know! And before you begin judging ? I wouldn’t read the monthly horoscope in Cosmo to find out what will be taking place. Rather I’m interested in the whole science behind Astrology. 
9. Denim shorts are maaaaaah thing! I?d wear them all year round ? of course adding tights if there’s a snow storm outside. My all time favourite pair – my Pull & Bear shorts I’ve featured here. 
10. Finding the right wine to compliment my food: I don?t get people who drink wine to get drunk. Not that I never get drunk on wine, but it just happens while I enjoy its divine taste, you know? Wine should be picked depending on the occasion and properly combined with the food you eat. I might do a post on that actually. Shall I? Certainly, however, the combo I love most – Rose and chocolate. #guiltypleasure.
11. Being tanned: I know, I know, exposing your skin to the sun is not the best thing. However, I just find my body and face look so much better + glowing + healthy looking when tanned.
12. Walking around with my headphones on and and imagining what the soundtrack of my life would be. And I claim not to be a hopeless romantic. Well?
13. My dark grey Zara skinny jeans ? you remember when Miranda was talking about her skinny jeans? Well, these are mine skinny jeans and are to die for!
14. Oversized bags that could fit literally everything including my hairspray. I know ? so 2001 right?
15. The feeling of anticipation ? I just love the butterflies you get just before you turn your exam paper and see the questions that have come up, or when you wait for THE email to find out whether you?ve got your dream job etc. I just love waiting for THE THING to happen rather than experiencing it happen. Quite weird right? But this feeling just makes me feel so damn alive!
16. Listening to one song over the over again until I get so sick and tired of it that I’d have to finally change the tape. Oh, and by the way ? a cute fact ? each and every post you?ve read on LTA is inspired by a specific song. The song of the day is: Anthony Attalla & Marco Lys – Ocean.
17. Male hoodies: Stealing them from my friends and sporting them with some cute leggings/ skinny jeans. Sorry guys.
18. Honey: Honey in my tea, fruits topped up with honey, desserts with honey, DIY face masks with honey, the smell of honey ? just everything HONEY!
19. Greeneries and especially Spinach: Seriously salads are my ultimate obsession. I can live without diary, without sugar (can I really!?) but without a good salad ? no freakin? way!
20. Instagram worthy hands ? that?s literally the first thing I?d spot ? your hands. But you know, no pressure.
21. The scent of almond – think L’OCCITANE ALMOND SUPPLE SKIN OIL! Just #divine! 
And you? What are a few of the things you love?


Lots of love,

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