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20 Things I’ve Learned Since I Turned 20

20 Things I’ve Learned Since I Turned 20
Hey amazing people,
Yesterday I went for a coffee with RosyChicc and despite the annoying Spring weather, we just couldn’t help but wonder how quickly time has flown by… It’s already April, which means that in 2 months I’ll be officially 25. Damn! That’s kind of… old… mature…  Anyway!


And here I’m today sharing with you 20 things I’ve learned about myself and LIFE over the last 5 years. Enjoy!
1. There?s a pretty good reason while my first ?The One? didn?t end up being the ?One and Only?: Yeah, even though back in the day when it all came to an end it felt as if my heart was torn apart, today I couldn?t be happier with the way things turned out. Lesson Learned: Things do happen for a reason, try to see the bigger picture rather than focus all of your attention on the particular unpleasant situation.
2. Holding a grudge is not worth it! Giving a second chance – is:  I?m overly forgiving and  holding a grudge has never been my thing. If someone’s done something malicious towards me – I’d forget about it in no time. A few years ago, however, my best friend and I ceased talking and I had no idea why. For ages I did my best to restrain myself from calling her, saying to myself with my EGO murmuring ‘If she wouldn’t call you, why would you?’. One day, however, I felt the urge to text her and invite her for a coffee. Rather than overthinking the situation, I followed my heart and thanks to that today we’re back again to being like sisters. When we met up we had a heart to heart talk which shed some light on the whole situation. It turned out that our falling apart was a result of a huge misunderstanding + some pretty nasty rumours. This takes me to the next pretty important thing I’ve learned:
3. When I have no idea what to do – I should go for my gut instinct! I do tend to overthink everything I do, and now when I think about it – the best decisions I’ve made so far were triggered by my heart and not my mind – such as quitting my full-time job and launching this blog! So, today my motto is ‘F*** thinking & go for the feeling’! I’m still learning how to distinguish my instincts from my conscious thoughts, but I think I’m on the right track.
4. Learning to Say ‘No’ is Painful, but well worth it: Yep, I?ve always found it so damn difficult saying NO to people. And before you jump to some pretty irrational conclusions ? we?re talking about mundane things here. Like – I’d always give my friends a ride home, no matter how exhausted I am, or go for a coffee, even if the only thing I’d crave for is cuddle under the duvet. However, over the last few years I’ve acknowledged that life is way too short and time is the most precious commodity! And ultimately it?s okay to be Selfish at times as being ‘selfless’ means being ‘selfish’ towards yourself. The way I see it: it?s all about finding the perfect balance. Yes, be there for your friends, but try and be there for yourself too. So, today, I’d just skip going to the cinema if I don’t want to waste my time on a certain blockbuster. By saving myself the hassle of doing things I simply wouldn’t enjoy, I’ve having much more positive energy to share with my friends when I actually feel like socialising.  It’s a win-win situation really.
5. Cardio + doing weight are not the only workouts that actually WORK: It took me ages to give  Pilates a try and I cannot be happier that I actually forced myself to join my first Pilates class. While I still find utmost pleasure in sweating away all the stress during Zumba, I’ve also grown to the realisation that meditating and letting my mind rest helps me get back in tune with my Chi and develop gut instincts as a matter of fact.
6. Black is not the only colour! Gosh, in my late teenage years, I?d be wearing black head to toe. I’m afraid that’s no longer the case! Now the black pieces in my wardrobe are only a few and are almost never to be worn. Plus, since I’ve started wearing COLOUR, I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling more positive and getting much more compliments from people.
7. I cannot live without my Eyebrow Products: Yes, a good eyebrow product makes all the difference! Honestly, if your eyebrows look lush – you look lush. As simple as that.
8. My ego is the reasons behind most my life cataclysms. Actually, I was recently told that I use ‘I’ quite a lot when I talk. My ego trying to mute me again. Well, I’ve been doing my best to let go of it. If you wanna read more about the destructive nature of EGO, you can access my confession here.
9. It?s all about letting yourself be seized by the moment: Well, yeah! I’ve spend years waiting for the perfect moment to come in order to do something, talk to someone, etc. completely overlooking the cues that tend to pop up in THAT particular moment. However, I’ve noticed that by  trying to stay aware of your surroundings, means noticing the bouquet of chances life tends to grant us with. Loosen up and let yourself be GIFTED by the NOW. Kiss him! Talk to her! Go to that job interview. It’s much better taking your chances now, rather than later on regretting not having tried at all.
10. You can love more than one person at the same time
? A tricky one. However, a few years back I went through that experience and can now empathise with everyone who’s currently in that boat. Yes, it’s possible and come on – open up your mind. Life and love aren’t solely in black & white and if anything are certainly around a hundred shades of grey.
11. Being alone, doesn’t mean that I have to feel lonely: When my first long-term relationship came to an end, I just couldn’t stay by myself, which is why I got a dog ? Sparky! Over the last couple of years, I’ve actually found out that there’s a certain charm in being alone. And to be honest, it feels much better staying all by yourself rather than spending time with people, whose only role is to fill in your surroundings. So instead, why not run a hot bath. Watch a romantic drama. Dance in front of the mirror. Go to the cinema. Learn to be happy spending alone time, before sharing it with someone else.
12. Accept your feelings ? I used to hide my feelings or turn to wine in order to numb them. Not any longer, I’m afraid! It feels so damn amazing to be able to cry, shriek and let it all out. It’s pretty therapeutical, I assure you! We are human beings and no matter what your current feelings might be – they’re yet another proof that you exist. EMBRACE THAT.
13. People are not mind readers! If you want something ask for it. Wanders will happen.
14. Wearing clipped-in extensions (or dying my hair in different colour) won’t make me like myself more ? I?m past the stage in my life, where I thought that changing the way I look on the outside, will alter the way I feel on the inside. Today, even thought my hair is all dry and damaged (here) I love it just the way it is. I love the fact that I’m here that I have the chance to talk to all of you. And since I’ve started feeling this way – I’m seeing a beautiful girl in the mirror. No money needed for maintenance. Just positive attitude really.
15. All the people I’ve met, have entered my life for a reason: Being overly communicative,  I tend to meet new people all the time. And today I realise that no matter who they are, all of them have had a particular role in my life. The point here: everything’s connected – and no matter the type of experience a certain one might bring you – it’s still an experience, open up your senses and learn from it.
16. Your happiness depends solely on you: Noone has the power to make you happy if you don’t already feel that way. I reckon that?s the main mistake I used to make – expecting that finding a new boyfriend would change the way I saw my life. And it’s certainly the other way around! First, find what your PURPOSE is – then find a PARTNER who perfectly fits with it. As simple as that.
17. Celery tastes pretty nice ? Why I?m sayin? that? Coz experimenting with new things is the only way to find out what you truly like. Be bold. It’s worth it.
18. My parents are my best friends 
19. I?m addicted to strong emotions and I don?t wanna find a cure to that. Emotions are my driving force. They are the driving force behind that blog and all the posts I write. I love my emotions. I love crying. Laughing. Being angry. Yes, I do.
20. I will never get sick of socialising as I’ll never get into drafting to-do lists: Meeting new people, talking to them, and finding out more about their lives inspires me to write. Being overly organised and structured regarding my writing – doesn’t. So, yeah, I’ll keep on being this disorganised perfectionists that I am – and I’ve finally grown to accept it. #Nuff said.
And you? What are the things you’ve learned over the last few years?

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